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I am bringing my grandson back from Florida on a flight that lands at 7:19 pm ....running him out to his dad and getting back on the same plane that heads back to Florida at 8 pm... any reason why i won't be able to make it back on the plane? Can Dad be waiting for me in baggage claim? I have no bags and I have TSA precheck....
You can probably make it. Yes, the dad can be waiting for him right at the exit of security so you probably don't even have to leave security. TTN is a very small airport terminal.
Awesome! Thank you!
We are staying at hotel with free parking. Our flight is at 6am. Earliest shuttle leaves at 4:50 and gets there 4:55 - 5am. That seems like cutting it closer than I'm used to. By the same token, found out that we are taking shuttle over with the crew. Thoughts? Will this work?
TTN is a very small airport and there probably won't really be anybody there before 5. However, if you have checked bags maybe you'll want to get a taxi that will take you to the airport earlier.
Thanks ! Yup we have to check a bag. We are the first flight out but if people start arriving the recommended 2 hrs before, could have two flights / gates worth of people checking in. I do love the prices and the convenience of TTN for sure !
Will Frontier consider flights to either BOS or Hanscom? TTN to BOS was probably the most travelled route over the years prior to Frontier coming to TTN. Is that in the plans?
Frontier does not currently fly to Boston from anywhere nor do they fly any flights that short. I would not expect that route to happen.
I am picking up my 15 yr old granddaughter and want to know the procedure I need to follow to get approval to meet her at her plane since she has never flown before.
You can ask for a gate pass from Frontier, but considering she's 15 and Trenton is a very small airport I don't think she'll have trouble finding you at the baggage claim instead.
If our plane is scheduled to take off at 6 am, what is s good time to arrive at the airport?
Some will be dropping my mom off and she has heart problems and needs help ! Will there be someone at door to help her to ticket counter and gate?
She (or you) need to call Frontier before her flight to request wheelchair service.
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Can you buy breakfast food at terminal and can you take food on flight with you?
Everything at TTN is currently under renovation, but there will probably be some breakfast food when the terminal re-opens. Yes, you can bring all food on the plane with you.
I have to fly out of TTN on Frontier this week. I just heard somewhere that the "Sequestor" has closed their control tower. I'm sure that there's a way to take off and land without one.. just looking for reassurance from someone that knows how that's done. :-(
Frontier has jus extended its services at TTN - you are safe!
Un-towered airports are no big deal, they just require talking to different people. The pilots will get a clearance into controlled airspace and a release time from the controlling ARTCC or TRACON (instead of the Tower), that ensures traffic separation once they leave the immediate vicinity of the airport. Takeoffs, landings, and the tiny bit of airspace around the un-towered airport are coordinated between the pilots via radio and eyesight (some aircraft are not equipped with radios.) If the weather is so low that you can't see, then no one can takeoff without a release time and an IFR clearance, which insures traffic separation but also greatly limits how many aircraft are able to land per hour (which is why busy airports have a control tower.) Is it safer with a tower? The short answer is yes...but at less busy airports, its analogous to wearing a helmet while driving a car. Wear your helmet on a motorcycle (busy airport.)
I have never been treated so rudely in my life. The staff at the airport is unhelpful, rude and just plain ignorant. There is no courtesy calls or reminders that you need to check in and if you miss your flight while you are standing right next to the desk they don't even have the courtesy to say "hey do you need to get on this flight" while your husband is using the VERY SLOW shuttle bus to park your vehicle. I would not fly out of Trenton or fly Frontier airlines again if it was the last choice on earth!!
They cant update this site because of the budget cutbacks....
Yeah...Sure ! Southwest is expanding here to compete with Frontier.
Your post doesn't really make any sense. What are you referring to?
Southwest has not announced any intention of coming to TTN.