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  • arriving before flight
    Apr 18, 2016
    We are staying at hotel with free parking. Our flight is at 6am. Earliest shuttle leaves at 4:50 and gets there 4:55 - 5am. That seems like cutting it closer than I'm used to. By the same token, found out that we are taking shuttle over with the crew. Thoughts? Will this work?


    TTN is a very small airport and there probably won't really be anybody there before 5. However, if you have checked bags maybe you'll want to get a taxi that will take you to the airport earlier.


    Thanks ! Yup we have to check a bag. We are the first flight out but if people start arriving the recommended 2 hrs before, could have two flights / gates worth of people checking in. I do love the prices and the convenience of TTN for sure !


  • TTN to Boston area???
    Nov 17, 2015
    Will Frontier consider flights to either BOS or Hanscom? TTN to BOS was probably the most travelled route over the years prior to Frontier coming to TTN. Is that in the plans?


    Frontier does not currently fly to Boston from anywhere nor do they fly any flights that short. I would not expect that route to happen.


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