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Questions, comments and tips about parking at Trenton Mercer Airport. Have a favorite place to park? Prefer offsite to on-airport parking? Share your TTN Airport parking experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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I am pretty sure I left a pair of brown prescription sunglasses on the parking shuttle driven by an extremely nice man. If so I will drive up from Philly to recover them. It was Monday September 18 just after 5 PM. Thank you, Ben Duke 323 316 7296
I misplaced my parking ticket. We left 8-31-17 and will be returning 9-6-17. What do I do
Ask the parking attendant when you get there.
What time in the morning does the free shuttle from the "additional Parking" area start running in the morning. I have a 6:45AM flight so should be at the airport at 4:45AM. Should I have to park in the additional parking area, I need to know the shuttle will be running to take me to the airport.
l'm handicap l would need a up close parking spot
The airport parking lot has handicap parking.
Why does the parking lot website at TTN advise you to take your parking ticket with you on your trip? It seems you pay on the way out so why not leave it in the car? It would seem this would result in less lost tickets to keep in the car.
How do you pay for parking if you lost your ticket?
Ask the attendant or press the help button when you need to leave.
Is there short term parking to pick up someone arriving?
There is general parking, However, the terminal is very small and doesn't really have room to wait for someone. I'd wait in the hotel parking lot near the airport until your friend arrives and then have them call you and you swing by and pick them up.
Thank you.
I am planning to park my car in Trenton Airport Car Parking for 10 days by paying $8/day. Any issues in terms of safety of my car or no. of days restrictions ? Please advise.
My flight comes in at long term parking open 24 hrs? Will I be able to get out. Also have a 6 pm flight during spring break week (4/10). Do u think parking will be an issue
Yes, I believe they have an automated lane. Frontier has far fewer flights to TTN than they used to, so I don't think parking is an issue anymore.,
I am flying 12/24/16 at 6:00am. Will I have a problem finding space on Christmas Eve day and how much is daily fee?
It's $8 per day. I don't know if you will have trouble finding parking, Trenton has fewer flights now than they did a few years ago, so probably won't have a problem.