Parking Options at Tri-Cities Tennessee Airport

Parking: Short- & long-term parking is available in the lots across from the passenger terminal; while metered parking spaces are in front of the terminal with a one-hour maximum (50 cents for each10 mins). For more parking information call (423) 325-6167. 
    The Short-term Lot:
Fees:  first 30 mins. $1; full hr $2; add each 30 mins thereafter $1, up to4 hrs $8;  4.5 hrs. $9; 5-24 hrs $12. Same rates apply for each add'l day.
    The Long-term Lot:
Fees:  first hr $1, add each successive hr $1, 7 hrs - $7; 8-24 hrs $8.  Same rate apply for each add'l day.

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