Tripoli International (TIP) Airport

Tripoli International TIP Airport Overview

Tripoli International Airport TIP, Lybia's largest airport, is located in the town of Qaser Ben Ghashir, 34 km south of the city center of Tripoli, Lybia's capital, and accessible via Airport Highway is currently in restricted service - due to Libya's civil war - as much of the airport had been heavily damaged.
In August 2015 it was reported that the Government announced that Airport and Terminal renovations are to be undertaken and the Airport itself is to be renamed 'Idris International Airport' (King Idris was removed by Gaddafi in 1969).   ODAC & a Turkish company are to develop a draft plan for the Airport reconstuction.  Currently, the site is removing debris in preparation of reconstruction work. 

NOTE: After the Airport was attacked in 2015 & much of it destroyed, a Turkish company is now starting to rebuild it -  including the passenger lounge, runway, control tower, and parking facility. The new 3-level terminal is to house a passengers lounge with a capacity of 5 million passengers annually. A new runway will will accommodate up to 12 planes.

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