Parking Options at Trondheim Vaernes Airport

Parking options at Trondheim Airport include Indoor & outdoor, Short- & Long-term, as well as Economy parking:
1. Short-term parking is in the Parking Garage (P-house – P1) and in front of Arrivals and Depatures – P2 & P3, for up to 30 minutes. Short-term parking is intended for pick-up and drop-off of passengers.
2. Long-term parking is available in the Garage P1 and P3.
3. Outdoor long-term parking at P4 is west of the railway, next to the roundabout to the airport.
4. Economy outdoor parking at P5 is located next to the airport roundabout, 300 meters from the terminals.
5. Disabled parking is available at P3 (13 spaces), P1 (2 spaces) and P2 (1 space) close to walkways to the terminal.
6. For electric cars, use one of two available spaces equipped with electrical outlets, in the parking Garage P2 on the 2d floor, west. 

For more parking information call EuroPark at + 47 670 32 930.

Parking Rates at TRD Airport

Ground floor
Rate: Min.rate 20,-
Hour 40,-
Day 280,-
1 week 990,-
Consecutive weeks 500,- per week
Ground floor
Rate: Consecutive weeks 400,- per week
Min.rate 20,-
Hour 40,-
1 week 890,-
Rate: Min.rate 20,-
Hour 40,-
Day 190,-
1 week 690,-
Consecutive weeks 400,- per week
Roof P-house
Rate: Min.rate 20,-
Hour 40,-
Day 150,-
1 week 600,-
Consecutive weeks 200,- per week
Rate: Min.rate 110,-
Day 120,-
1 week 450,-
Consecutive weeks 200,-

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