Turku (TKU) Airport

Turku TKU Airport Overview

Turku Airport TKU serves the Western center of Finland and is the country's fifth-largest airport by passenger numbers.
TKU Airport is located 8 km north of the town of Turku (in Finnish 'Turun'), and is also a district in the tiny Maaria-Paattinen ward of Turku. Distances from the Airport to cities served: Turku 8 km, Raisio 7 km, Naantali 20 km, Salo 50 km/

With a long runway and 325,000 passengers annually, Turku Airport is hub to TNT Airways and is served by domestic and internatinal airlines offering direct & connecting flights around the world.

Turku Airport has a main terminal, T1 (Matkustaja), and a low-cost terminal, T2 (Raht).  Information Desk and terminal services are open 6am-9pm – Tel: (02) 271 4717, Fax: (02) 271 4699.  While Terminal 1 is open 5am-2am - Terminal 2 opens 2 hrs prior to scheduled departures. Terminal 1 offers a VIP lounge (Tel: (02) 271 4601, Fax (02) 271 4699), a restaurant & catering facility (02) 415 4944, fax (02) 415 4946, a child care room (ask staff for key) a mail box and fax services (call information desk).  For conferene facilities in the VIP lounge call 020 708 4601/ fax 4699.  The terminal was upgraded in Summer 2014.

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