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I arrive into Vancouver and am flying on to Victoria BC, I know I will have to go through customs do I need to re check my bags and can I leave the airport
Where are you coming from?
I'm flying in from uk
I arrive into Vancouver and am flying on to Victoria BC, I know I will have to go through customs do I need to re check my bags and can I leave the airport
I'm looking at flights from DFW to ICN in October and I see some with a 1 hour 5 minute layover in Vancouver at YVR through air Canada. Is a 1 hour and 5 minute layover too short in Vancouver? Can I make it on time to the flight to Seoul with just a little over an hour to connect?
That is really pushing it, but it is possible.
We are flying from Vancouver to Aruba, transiting in Toronto. Do we go through the International or Canada Departure areas? As a rule of thumb, does one use the end destination or transit point to check in at Vancouver airport?
You go to the Canada departure area.
Hi, I am a Chinese citizen with a valid US F1 visa. I will fly to China from US and transit for 2 hours in YVR. I will take United Airlines to YVR and take Air China to China.
Do I have to apply for a transit visa? How long will it take? If the time is not enough to get a transit visa, are there other solutions?
Thanks a lot for your help!!
Since you are not arriving on an approved carrier, you are ineligible for the China Transit Program. Your options are to try to go anyway and hope they let you transit Canada. Or call United and ask if they can change your ticket to a nonstop to China or a connection in the US (I don't know where you're flying from in the US).
Thank you for your help
I am flying from Orlando to Vancouver in March, with a 3 hour layover in Toronto. Will I need to go through Customs after landing in Toronto before boarding flight to Vancouver? And if I do go through Customs in Toronto, does that mean I will not need to once I arrive in Vancouver?
Yes, in Toronto you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs. Right, in Vancouver, all you have to do is claim your bags (if you have checked bags) and leave the airport.

I have a friend coming from Miami next Friday November 11th. Her flight from Dallas is expected to land in Vancouver at 11:42am. She's Spanish and she got her ETA.

I would like to pick her up at the airport, but I work for few hours in the morning. I would like to know how long will take to her to go through passport control, customs, etc. so I can plan the time I should be at the airport. Maybe an hour for the whole process?


Yes, it will likely take less than an hour, but if her flight is on-time and you show up at 12:40, she probably won't have been waiting too long.
Are you expecting any delays due to the storm coming through this Saturday?
The current prediction is just a very rainy day. Vancouver handles lots of rain.
I am flying YVR to Calgary YYC on Tuesday departing at 6.15am. How early do I need to be at the airport - staying downtown.
Do you have to pay any fee or taxes at the airport if you are a tourist?