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I'm going to travel to the philippines, I fly from calgary to vancouver with 54mins layover to hop on to my flight vancouver to beijing. Would that be enough? I have one ticket and same airline and I am residence of canada. I'm afraid to miss my flight internationally. Thank you
I'm driving from Minnesota with 3 family members to YWG, and then flying trough YVR en route to Maui. I don't think we are going to check any luggage, (all carry on). What are the steps I need to follow when arriving in YVR from YWG? We will have a 2:45 layover. Is that enough time?

On our return from Maui we fly into YVR and have a 90 minute layover, then to Calgary (with a 45 min layover), and then on to YWG. Do I clear customs in YVR? Is 90 minutes enough time?

Is 45 minutes in Calgary enough time to get to my next flight? (maybe that's not a question for you?).

Thank you!!!
I arrived YVR by Air China, and transfer Westjet to Winnipeg last friday. When I took my baggages to the conveyor belt, the employee said I couldn't drop Westjet baggages, she guide me into another door, it's outside security area. So I have to re-check in. It's the right away or not?
Any help and advice would be much appreciated. My husband and I are traveling from the uk to Vancouver on 22nd June 2018 and arriving at 18:50hrs. We then need to catch a flight to Victoria. It's a BA flight. Would we have enough time to go through customs and collect our luggage to catch a flight at 21:50hrs. Thanks for any help

Just wondering if 1.5 hours is enough time to transit through to my connecting flight to Toronto? I'll be flying with Air Canada for both flights (Sydney to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto). I'm a Canadian Citizen. Also, am I responsible for collecting baggage in Vancouver and then re-checking them for my flight to Toronto?
Did you buy it as one ticket or did you buy two tickets to save some $? As long as it's on one ticket, AC has to get you to Toronto. If you miss your connection they will get you on a subsequent flight. If you bought two tickets and miss your connection, you will be out of luck potentially.

You will clear Canada Customs (bear left and use the machines--much faster). Grab your checked luggage (if you have any), hand in your declaration card and then follow the Canada Connection signage. You'll redraw your checked back and have a dedicated security for getting into the domestic terminal upstairs.

Do not go out through the international arrivals area. The queues for security in the domestic terminal are almost always longer than the Canada Connections queue.
We're flying from Edmonton to Hawaii (one 3-years old), with a connection in Vancouver. Both flights are with Air Canada. Is 1 hour and 50 minutes at YVR enough time to complete the flight transfer (including collect a baggage, going through US Customs, and check in again)? Do we need to collect our baggage at YVR? Thank you =)
Yes, that should be enough time. You don't have to check in again, just US Immigration and Customs Preclearance.
I am CAD citizen flying Terrace to Vancouver to Vegas. AC gave us 1 hour and 10 minutes in Vancouver before our plane to Vegas leaves. Will this be enough time? I called AC and they said we do NOT have to get our suitcase in Vancouver and that we just head straight to customs? Is that true?
Yes, that is true. You should have enough time.
Hi. In a US permanent resident traveling to Japan with 5hours layover YVR thru Air Canada. Do I need eTA or Canada visa?
US Permanent residents can transit Canada without a Visa or eTA.
HI, I am arriving from Taipei via Eva Airways 17:25 then will do a domestic flight to Calgary at 22:00 via Westjet (separate ticket). Is 2.5 hours enough time to clear with immigration, claim baggage and go through customs and check in with my domestic flight? Thank you!
HI, I'm arriving YVR 17:25 from Taipei via Eva Airways and would like to take WestJet 22:00 flight to Calgary. That gives me, 2.5 hours to do immigration and claim baggage then transfer to my domestic flight. Is that enough time? Thank you!