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I am a Canadian travelling from Cairo to Seattle through Air Canada . I have connection 24 hours at YVR. do I have to collect my languages at YVR and recheck them again to Seattle ?
Yes, due to the length of your layover in Vancouver, you will have to.
Brit citizen, arriving 1210 from uk on air transat with hold baggage in Sept. Departing Vancouver 1425 air Canada to Victoria. Is this enough time to clear customs etc and check in etc for the onward flight?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks. Fingers crossed.
I will take a vacation in Calgary in December and have two stops from MNL to YYC.

When I disembark at YVR, should I get my luggage and pass through customs? And then, where do I re-enter for the departure area to YYC?

Thanks to advise. It is my first time in North America.

Flying Kelowna to San Francisco, connecting through YVR. Will 1:48 be enough connection time to clear U.S. Customs and Immigration (I assume we need to get our checked luggage and re-check it after Customs) and get through security? It will be at the Christmas holiday season, so I'm concerned it will be very busy, especially with the extra delays through U.S. Immigration and security that are being reported.
Arriving from Campbell River at 10:50 am at Vancouver South with Pacific Coastal Airlines. Leaving on United Airlines at 12:01 to Houston, TX. Connection is 1:11.
Is that enough time?
Considering you will need to take a shuttle to the main terminal and go through Preclearance and security, i don't see that as being enough time.
I'm flying from Toronto to Sydney, with a connection in Vancouver and Hawaii. I fly WestJet to Vancouver and Hawaii (on different flights), and then take a different airline to Australia. In Vancouver, I have a 2 hour connection to collect my bags and check in again. While I am Canadian, my partner is British. Will we have to go through customs? Is 2 hours enough time to complete this and make our next flight? Thanks!
Yes, 2 hours is enough time to go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Vancouver.
I'm flying in from Taipei into YVR with a connecting flight to YYC. Will 90 minutes be enough to clear customs and submit my bags for the YYC flight?
Yes, that should be enough time.
We are traveling from Hawaii to Germany with a transfer at YVR. We have an 8 hour layover. Do we have to pick our bags during the transfer and recheck them in or will they be checked all the way through? If we do have to recheck our bag can we do it right away or do we have to wait until 2-3 hours before our next flight?
If both flights are on the same reservation you don't have to claim your bags in Vancouver, just go through Canadian passport control.
My flight is from Taipei to dallas and I only has 1hr 30 min in Vancouver for me to get to the connecting flight. Do I have to take out my luggage to go through customs? Will I have enough time?
Yes, you must collect your luggage and recheck them and go through customs. 2 hrs is required with International travel, you must hurry off the plane 1st. Let the flight attendant know you have a short connection and customs.
Even if I am flying with Air Canada?
Yes, that is part of entering the US, which you technically do in Vancouver.
We are Canadians from Niagara returning from an Alaskan Cruise out of Seattle. We disembark the morning of September 5th. There were no direct flights from SEA to YYZ on that day. Our AC flight booking from SEA to YVR lands at 3:14pm and our AC flight from YVR to YYZ departs at 5:00pm..... a layover of 1 hour & 45 minutes (likely less).

Will we need to claim our bags in YVR and clear Canadian customs in Vancouver or will our bags automatically make the transfer from the Seattle flight to the Toronto flight? If we need to clear customs in Vancouver, and re-check our bags, would an hour be enough time to get this done? Presumably we wouldn't need to go through airport security again. Thanks in advance for any comments. Wayne
You should not need to claim your bags in Vancouver, but you will go through Canadian immigration and customs. You have enough time.