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I am coming in from an Alaska cruise. Will I need to go thru Customs? I will arrive at the airport around 10:00am, flight leaves at 12:05. Will I have time ?
Where are you flying to out of Vancouver?

I am going from Toronto to Seattle with a connecting flight in Vancouver. The layover is 2 hours.
My questions is will I need to go through customs/border control at Vancouver which may result in me missing my flight? Or will Customs and border check be done at Toronto?

Yes, you will go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Vancouver. 2 hours is enough time.
I'll be flying from Denver to Taipei, stopping at YVR. The layover duration is only 1:10 -- is that enough time with my toddler in tow? Thanks.
Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Denver is on-time and everything is on the same reservation.
Ok, thank you!
I guess if the flight from Denver is late, we would not have to pay to get on another flight to Taipei, yeah?
Do we need to claim our bags and recheck them? Do we leave security and then go back through security?

I am a Chinese citizen flying with Air China from Calgary to Beijing, with a connection at YVR (the Calgary-Vancouver flight is operated by Air Canada). Do I need to collect and recheck my luggages, go through security and customs at YVR? Thank you!
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Vancouver on the way to Beijing if both flights are on the same reservation. There is no Canadian customs when leaving Canada.
I am flying to Kelowna with Air Canada....there is one stop in Vancouver scheduled to be 45 this enough time to make the connection? I only have carry on bag
Where are you flying into Vancouver from?
Toronto. Thanks
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Flying from Beijing landing in Vancouver then onto Calgary booked with same Air Line. Do you pass thru customs in Vancouver when changing planes? Also seems that the flight from Beijing is always late, will they put you on another flight if connection is missed. Thanks
Yes, you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. Yes, if you miss your connection you will be rebooked on a later flight to Calgary.
Thank You for your help.
I am going trough Vancouver from NYC to Manila. What is the process at the airport to make the connection
If everything is on the same reservation you will go through Canadian passport control and to your departure gate.
ZAP, when you say Canadian passport control or Canadian Immigration and Customs in Vancouver, do you refer to the same agent or they are different?
There's a special lane for passengers coming from the US and connecting to International flights in Vancouver where they just check your passport.
Thanks for the clarification, ZAP. That is the one I missed, instead, I went to the regular Canadian Immigration and Customs which is very time consuming. I wish the sign or instruction for transitioning at YVR was more clear so less painful experience.
Do I get my bag to clear customs then redeposit it to go onto Victoria?
I'm flying from Calgary to Vancouver then catching a flight to Hawaii. I know I have to clear US preclearance customs, but do you have to go through security again?