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Will be arriving at YVR from Beijing on China Eastern at 9:04am, departing for SEA on Alaska Airlines at 11:58, with a US passport. The flights are not connecting, so I'm concerned about having enough time to pick up a checked bag, clear Canadian immigration/customs, check in and re-check my bag with Alaska, then get through US Customs and Immigration preclearance and the security checkpoint in a little under three hours. Trying to decide if I should check luggage or make do with a carry on, or if that would even make much difference in the whole process.
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Yes, not checking a bag will save you time.
Thanks for your help!

I am connecting through YVR on separate tickets in early December, from American arriving 11:12 am, to Cathay Pacific departing 1:15pm). I may have a bag to check, but can skip it if saves time (how much?). Is this definitely enough time if the flights are on time? If so, how much margin would I have on average?

thanks a lot
With no checked bags that should be enough time. It may be a bit difficult with checked bags.
Will I need to check through customs in YVR or Taipei when travelling from YYC through YVR to Taipei?
There is no Canadian customs when leaving Canada.
My friend is a UK citizen and is flying from London to Vancouver on Westjet and catching a connecting flight on Alaska to Portland. He wants to know if needs a Canada eTA even if he will be going through US Customs in Vancouver?
Yes, he still needs ETA.
I am flying business class from Chicago to Taipei via Vancouver with 1 hour and 10 min connecting time.
What if I missed my flight would I still on the business class on the next flight?
You should have enough time. If you missed your flight whether or not you got Business class would depend if there was business class available on the next day's flight or on a different route to Taipei.
I have a flight from Chicago to Taipei with connection in Vancouver and the time between one flight and another is 70 minutes, is that long enough?
Both flights are by air Canada,
Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Chicago is on-time.
Im travelling from vancouver to hongkong 9.25am. Will there be enough time if I book calgary to vancouver at 7am? Arriving in vancouver 7.30am. So about 2 hours to claim my baggage and check in with a different airline.
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Ok thanks ZAP
If I am in transit between Beijing and Portland OR, as US citizen, can I leave the airport during my layover?
Yes, you can.
I am flying in from Seoul, Korea final destination LAX(Los Angeles) but will transit in Vancouver.

I have 12 hours in between and was wondering if I could leave the airport and come back?

Currently a US Greencard holder.

Also if that is possible do I need to claimi all my baggage and check it in again or can it just be sent through to my connecting flight?

Thanks for the answers in advance!
You will need a Canadian Visa if you want to leave the airport. Is your connection overnight or during the day? You may need a Canadian Visa anyway.
I visit Canada once a year and never needed a visa.

My connection is not overnight.
Oh, if you're a Korean citizen that's why you can visit Canada without a visa. It has nothing to do with your Greencard.
Is 3hrs enough time for a UK citizen to arrive from Auckland at Vancouver international and catching a flight (non connecting) at the domestic terminal?
Yes, it should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. Everything is in the same building.