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I am a US citizen flying from San Francisco on United and connecting to Air France flight to Paris. How long should I allow? Is an hour enough? I will not have checked bags, just carry-on.Thanks
An hour would be difficult, even without checked bags since there's a good chance you'll have to get your Air France boarding pass at the gate in Vancouver after you go through Canadian passport control.
My daughter will be flying from Portland (USA) to Brisbane, Australia. She has a four-hour layover in Vancouver, where my son lives. Is it possible for her to leave the international secure area to see my son, and then return without massive customs/security issues?
Any advice appreciated.
She will go through Canadian passport control when she arrives. After that she can leave the airport, but she will have to go through security again when she returns. I personally don't think a layover that short is worth it.
Aloha, Im travelling as a non US citizen or UK citizen from Maui to London UK via Vancouver on 1 ticket(booking) with westjet and I have an approx 9-12 hour layover in van.. Do I need to go through canadaian customs even thou im just transitting to another country, or can I just go through to my gate..? I wont be checking in any luggage either.. if i do have to go through customs can I leave the airport..? whats the point of going through customs if you cant leave the airport if so..? thanks in advance, appreciate the feedback..
Yes, you have to go through Canadian passport control upon arrival. Yes, after you do that you can leave the airport.
thank you..
Help, I'm getting different information about connecting flights in Vancouver.

I'm arriving on AC34 from Sydney and connecting to AC206 to Calgary. Do I need to collect my bags from the baggage carousel and recheck them at the transfer desk, or do they go straight through to Calgary.

I've been told that both can happen so am just a bit confused. Given the short connection time, I don't want to be waiting for my luggage only to find its gone straight through.

Thanks for any help.
Recent reports is that passengers entering Canada at Vancouver no longer have to claim their bags to go through customs if they are connecting onwards
Flying from YYZ to ICN , 2.5 hrs layover in YVR, do I have time to go out of secured area to visit someone who will be at airport in general departures area, then catch our flight to ICN
Yes, that would be just enough time. You could spend maybe half an hour meeting with them if you want.
Hi, I am flying from Sydney AUS to Havana Cuba through Vancouver and then Toronto.
I have been told I need to clear immigration and customs in Vancouver but not pick up my luggage. I only collect my luggage in Toronto, is that correct?
Are all tickets on the same reservation?
Yes they are. I just checked in and Air Canada check in have said you dont need to pick them up in Toronto that they will go all the way to Cuba
Im flying from hong kong to vancouver and a transit going to montreal,do i need to go to immigration and get my luggage for customs?or my baggage will directly go to montreal?thank you
In Vancouver you will go through Immigration and Customs. Recent reports are that you no longer have to claim or identify bags in Vancouver, but it doesn't hurt to double check when you get there.
Do I have to have some sorts of Canadian VISA to have my connecting flight in YVR? I am holding a Chinese passport.
If you hold a valid visa to enter the USA, yes, you can as in Vancouver you will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance and technically never even enter Canada. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/ctp/authorities.asp
Flew BNE YVR YYZ. Single PNR
Didn't identify or claim baggage in YVR. Everyone said we don't need to its checked to YYZ. Clears immigration passport control. No one said do you have bags. No en route to YYZ. Will the bags get there
Well..... Bags made it to YYZ from being checked in at MEL connecting through BNE and YVR. Never saw them from MEL until YYZ. Never had to even mention we had baggage ...... Everything I've read said they had to be either claimed or identified in YVR
Hi All. I need help. First time to travel in Winnipeg. I'll be travelling alone. Connecting flight in Vancouver. What is the step by step process for immigration? Is 2hrs and 15minutes enough for me to catch my connecting flt? I had no idea. Thanks!
Are you flying from Winnipeg to Vancouver and then to somewhere else? Where else? What exactly is your route?
hi. Flight from MNL to Winnipeg.. Connecting flight in NRT 2hrs and YVR 2hrs and 15minutes. Thanks for your help.
In Vancouver, you will go through Canadian Immigration, claim your bags, go through Canadian customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, and go through security and to your departure gate.
Hi Zap. Thank you. I guess 2hrs and 15mins is okay.