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I'm an American citizen flying from Seattle to London Through YVR. I know I have more than ample time to make my connection both going and coming back if I just hang out behind security--I'm just wondering if I will have time to meet a friend outside security or even leave the airport and go back through security. I've got 3 hours 56 minutes on my way to London, and 4 hours 30 minutes on my way home. As I'm typing this, I'm realizing that I should have planty of time if we stay in the airport--is there enough outside security to be worth it if I don't have time to go anywhere else? Both times, I'll be at YVR mid- to late afternoon, into early evening.
My daughter & her friend are flying from YWG to Beijing onto Bangkok via YVR. They are both Canadian. Can they check their bags all the way thru to Bangkok or do they have to claim them in YVR (and Beijing) and go thru customs? I'm trying to prepare them as much as possible since they're traveling alone for the 1st time.
and the airlines are Air Canada to Air China...if that matters/helps
If everything is on the same reservation their bags will be checked through to Bangkok and all they have to do in Vancouver is walk from their arrival gate to their departure gate.
Hi, my mother is traveling from Frankfurt to Victoria BC via Vancouver. She has enough layover time, i just want to know if she has to pick up her luggage in vancouver and check in again for the domestic flight. Both flights are air canada by the way.
I want to find out. Do I need a visa for connecting flights in Canada? I want to book a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. The flights that I want to book through Air Canada are: Taipei to Vancouver and connect from Vancouver to Calgary and Calgary to LA. I will only transfer to the flights and my last stop will be LA. Do I need a visa?

I don't want to enter Canada. Attached is the flight I want to book. I am a South African citizen working in Taiwan.
South Africans are not eligible for any of the Canadian Transit Without Visa programs, therefore you will need a Canadian Transit Visa. I suggest just booking a nonstop from Taipei to LA or stopping just in San Francisco.
How about from the philiipines? Am i qualified for the twov? My flight is -hkg-vancouver-new york via air canada
The Philippines TWOV program is for Filipino citizens. I assume you are still South African. However, if you also have a Fillipino passport, yes, you could do that, but your US Visa would need to be in your Filipino passport, not your South African one.
Do I have to go through Canadian customs if travel is with same airlines and same day?
Where are you flying from and to?
I am a Chinese citizen and I am flying from Chicago to Shanghai via Air Canada. Get a connecting flight at YVR. I have my Chinese passport with valid US visa. Do I need a transition visa in Canada? Also is 1.5 hour enough in between my flights?
No, since you have a valid US Visa you do not need a Canadian transit visa -
I'm travelling from Toronto to Hawaii and will be in transit in Vancouver from 16:05 hrs to 18:10.
1) will I have to go through US pre-customs in Vancouver?
2) do I have to claim my baggage to go through US customers?
3) is there enough time to board my flight from Vancouver to Hawaii?
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. Usually you do not have to claim your bags, but follow the instructions of the US Border Patrol personnel in preclearance.
Also, you should have plenty of time.
I am flying on AC from Kelowna to YVR to Toronto to Orlando. I have only a 40 min connection time at YVR now (was originally 60 min). Will this be enough time to make my connection at YVR and will I have to claim bags at YVR or will they be checked through to Toronto where I have to claim them?
In Vancouver all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, nothing with your bags.
Thanks! And with it all being AC, the gates should be relatively close. So I should be okay making that connection? Normally I don't like connections under an hour.
Hi we are flying into Vancouver at 4:35 and transferring planes to fly to Japan at 6:15. Will there be enough time to make this connection? Also, do we have to pick up our bags when we arrive in Vancouver or will they be transferred for us? We have nexus passes so I am not sure if that will help. We are coming from Calgary. Thank you!
We are travelling on Westjet Winnipeg to Maui with a two hour window to make the connecting flight. Do we have lots of time or is it a race? We cannot run for a flight. Both flights have been booked together.
You should have plenty of time.
I have a flight to Brazil with connection in Toronto. When I'm in YVR, should I check-in in the domestic or international area?
In Vancouver you can probably check in in either area, but you will depart from a domestic gate.
I am flying from Victoria to Vancouver, have a two hour layover and then I'm flying to Europe. I am meeting someone at the Vancouver airport will I be on the other side of security or do I have to walk over to international after collecting my bags?
You will stay in the secure area in Vancouver unless you purchased two separate reservations (in which case you don't really have time to spare to see someone).