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My flight from Toronto arrives in Vancouver at 8:47am via Westjet.
From Vancouver I then take a flight to Anchorage via Seattle with Delta Airlines. Delta departs at 11:20am from Vancouver.

Upon arriving in YVR, I understand I have to claim my baggage, check-in at the Delta counter then go through US Customs. Is this process correct? Will there be enough time to do all these and catch my 11:20am flight to Anchorage via Seattle?
Yes, that process is correct. You should have enough time.

I have one hour between my domestic arrival to international departure
is that enough to make the connection
do I go through security again
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying to?
We are flying from Fort St John to Vancouver on Air Canada tomorrow morning at 6:30am then have an hour layover at YVR until we fly out to Palm Springs (same reservation). I know we have to go through customs when we get to YVR but will we have to go through security again as well?
It's all one process. You should have enough time considering the early morning arrival.
Given the ridiculous costs of domestic flights in Canada I've had to improvise. I'm flying from Halifax with the hopes of ending my trip in Vancouver. Unfortunately flights are upwards of $600 from Halifax to YVR, however, Halifax to Bellingham is only $397. Oddly, the flight path for the Bellingham destination is Halifax - YVR - Seattle - Bellingham. There is a 3 hour layover in YVR, at which point I would like to collect my bags and end my trip. Given that this connection goes on to an international flight (YVR - Seattle) will we be required to pick up our bags anyways? If that's the case, I'm home free! Can anyone give me confirmation on this?? Thanks!
Your bags will go to US Immigration and Customs preclearance in Vancouver. If you want to bring checked bags, you can't try to game the system this way.
I initially booked to fly from Maui to Vancouver and Vancouver to Regina but I am now staying in Vancouver and not taking the second part of the trip. Will I get my luggage in Vancouver to go through customs or will it go straight through to Regina even if I am not on the second half of the booking?
My understanding of the current situation is that it will go straight through to Regina, so don't check any bags if you want to stay in Vancouver.
Hi, I am flying in from los angeles at 1pm and need to book a connectiong flight to kelowna or penticton. how much time should i allow for this - 4 or 5 hrs to be on the safe side. also on the way home i fly from vancouver at 2.30pm to los angeles. i need to get back first from kelowna or penticton how early should i leave
i will be arriving vancouver airport from brisbane and got a 2 hours waiting time before my connecting flight to calgary. will 2 hours enough? do i have to collect my luggage? or i have to collect and check in again?
Are both flights on the same reservation?
yes, cause there is no direct flight to calgary, so i must stop and transfer from vancouver.
I'm planning to trip to Seoul from Calgary and as I know I don't have to claim my baggage in YVR. Honwever I only have 70 minutes layover in YVR. Will this be enough to catch my next flight? And do I need to go through the departure process in YVR?
If both flights are on the same reservation, then all you have to do in Vancouver on the way to Seoul is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying from Frankfurt to SFO (home) via YVR next month. I had a 90 minute layover in YVR but the flight time to SFO changed and I now have 76 min. Single reservation and I should be booked through to SFO. Can I make it? Thank you!
Correction - I have 66 minutes!
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly. In Vancouver you will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance.
Looking at booking my 17-year old son a flight from San Diego through Vancouver to Seoul on Air Canada. The problem being only an hour for layover time. Will this be enough time for him to make the transfer? I've often found Vancouver dreadfully slow
That will be really difficult. I know it's probably more expensive, but going through San Francisco or Tokyo will be much easier.