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Do we have to go through a different security when we go to Cuba in march 2018? Plan is to go west jet flight from Vancouver ,Toronto then Cuba
There is no special security for international flights, also, your first flight is domestic anyway.
Arriving on a Delta flight from US at 1:15 pm in late August. Trying to book an flight over to Victoria Island. How much time should we allot for customs. Trying to choose between a 3:30p or 4:45p departure to Victoria.
Hi I am an Iranian citizen flying back home, how can i get the tax refund? shall I fill in the form at rhe airport?
I am coming from California to Vancouver then onto Calgary Am I allowed to bring Duty Free from US even though I have a connecting flight in Vancouver

Thank you
from HK to YYZ, transit YVR. Both are Air Canada flights. Do I need to clear custom at YVR? I am travelling with my mom. Both of us are HK passport holders.
Yes, you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Vancouver.
I will be arriving YVR at 1630(ETA) and the other Air Canada flight will leave YVR for YYZ at 1755(ETD). Is 1 hour and 25 min minute transit time enough for the immigration and customs procedures in Vancouver? Thx
That should be enough time.
I have a 2 hr layover in Vancouver from Calgary via WestJet before departing to Sydney Via Qantas. My wife is Australian and I am Canadian. Do we have to go through customs in vancouver? If so do we have enough time and will our baggage be delivered all the way through?
There is no Canadian Customs when leaving Canada. Are your flights all one one reservation or two separate reservations?
Yes it's under 1 reservation. I guess what i mean to ask is do we have to go through airport security again for the international terminal in Vancouver? as the flight from Calgary with west jet would be domestic. And will our checked in luggage be transferred automatically between west jet and qantas without having to recheck them?
Vancouver only has one Terminal. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am planning a trip from Montreal to Honolulu with Air Canada, with layover in YVR. I will only have 1.5h layover between flights. I was wondering if I pre-clear US customs in Montreal or YVR, and if in Vancouver, is 1.5h enough time to go through everything. We should be in Vancouver around dinner time, and it's Good Friday.
You will do US Immigration and customs preclearance in Vancouver. You should have enough time.
We fly standby and the only way to get from Denver to Seattle tomorrow is through Vancouver. We have no checked bags. Do we have to clear customs and immigration or is there a transit lounge as we are not leaving the airport? How long does it typically take to clear customs?
If you already have your DM card for the Seattle flight you can go directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance, if you don't you will have to go through Canadian Immigration and Customs to go the lobby and then go through security and Preclearance. I would want 2 hours for this connection.
Yes, that should be enough time. You shouldn't have to claim your bags.
My husband and I are joining up with his sister in Vancouver for a flight to Hawaii. We are flying WestJet from Toronto. Sister has some mental disability. She has flown domestic air by herself and managed well. I'm concerned that we won't be able to meet up before Customs. Can she get help at Customs and how do we arrange that?