Varna (VAR) Airport

Varna VAR Airport Overview

Varna Airport VAR served the greater area of Bulgaria's City & Port of Varna - near the Black Sea.  It is is situated in the midst of a highly developed business community, and is close to the Black Sea coast's leading summer resorts. Varna Airport ismangaged by Fraport Twin Star.

VAR Airport is only 8 km west of the city of Varna - accessible by motorways E70 and A2; it is also connected to the Port of Varna and the railway system.  

With a newly rehabilitated runway and an estimated 1.3 million passengers per annum, the Airport is served by domestic & international, regular & low-cost airlines, as well as seasonal charters, offering direct flights to numerous destinations with connections around the globe.

The passenger terminal complex at Varna Airport
includes two operational new passenger terminals: T2 is the main terminal, while T3 is only used for the summer season. (The old Terminal 1 is now closed). 
Terminal 2 - opened in 2013 - with 20,000 sq.meters (three times the size of Terminal 1, which it replaced).  It offers an automated check-in system and a comfortable lounge, as well as shopping areas and cafes & restaurants.   A new VIP lounge opened in July 2014.
Terminal 3 is intended for the summer season and has 25 check-in desks.
is available in the parking lot close to the passenger terminals.

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