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Tips and ideas on how to best spend a layover at Washington Dulles airport. Got a favorite quiet place to connect to wifi? A great bar or restaurant? Maybe an exhibit or a walk? Share your IAD Airport layover experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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my flight from Vancouver lands in Dulles at 07:25 . I have a separate booking for emirates departing 10:55 . is the time adequate
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello everyone,
I'll take a flight from Guarulhos (SP - Brazil) to Boston. I'll have a connection flight at IAD (United flights UA 860 to UA 641). The connection time is 2 hours. I have to go through immigration (j1 visa) but I'll only have carry-on luggage. Is it enough time?
Yes, that is enough time.
my 16 yr old is flying from Vienna to Washington (austrian Air) with a 1 hr 25 min layover , connection on United flight to Denver. Ticket is on one reservation. Will she have enough time? Where does she re-check bag?
She can re-check her bag right after she clears US Customs. She has barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.

I am travelling from Frankfurt (FRA) to Roanoke(ROA) via IAD by Lufthansa. My flight from FRA lands at 7:55 PM (LH 9252) and flight to ROA leaves at 10:15 PM (LH 9200). Will the layover time of around 2 hours will be sufficient? I am an Indian citizen and cannot take advantage of expedited services.

Both flights will be operated by United. Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm looking for tickets from RDU to FUK and the best one I've found has a connecting flight in IAD. There is a 1hr 10min layover between flights, would that be enough time to get bags checked in and everything done and catch the flight? Im mainly concerned because this is my first solo international flight.
If all flights are on the same reservation, then all you have to do in IAD is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
I am planning a trip to the UK from Pittsburgh Airport through Dulles. I can get a one stop round rip with a 1 hour 7 minute layover at Dulles both ways. Is that enough time for this changeover? thank you. Traveling alone so quite nervous about the layover times.
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Pittsburgh is on-time.
Thank you very much. I suppose if the flight is delayed or anything all bets are off anyway!
i'm going from Pittsburgh to Dulles and then to Peking airport in China.

I have 1 hour 14 min to transfer at Dulles, would this be enough time? I don't know what I gates I would be using, but flight from Pitt to Dulles and from Dulles to Peking are United 6110 Operated by /MESA AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS and United 807
Yes, that is enough time. Both flights will likely be on the C/D concourse. All you have to do in IAD is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am traveling from Chicago into IAD at 4:18pm, and will be departing from IAD to Rome at 5:20pm. Is this enough time to catch my flight to Rome?
Yes, that is plenty of time. if both flights are on United then all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Flying out of IAD to Vic Falls, Zimbabwe, with an 80-minute layover in Addis. Is that enough time? (Will we have to go through customs/get our bags in Addis?)
Are both flights on the same reservation? If so that is enough time in IAD.
We're a couple flying from Cancun (Mexico) to Geneva (Switzerland) and we have 1hour and 10min to get our next flight...
Do we have to get our bags back and check them in again?
If we have biometric passport is it quicker to go through immigration?
What are the probability we will/will not make it?
And in the case we dont make it because it's too crowded (and not because of weather conditions or othre type of delays) does united book us on the next flight for free/pay for the hotel?
Thanks for your feedbacks
Yes, you have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. If you are a repeat ESTA user then you can use the Automated immigration kiosks, but just having a biometric passport doesn't get you anything. If your flight is delayed due to weather than United won't pay for your hotel. This is a very difficult connection.