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I have one hour 6 minutes to make a transfer from United terminal d to terminal b (Austrian Airlines). Is that enough time. The United flight from SMF is almost always on time.
B and D are just concourses not terminals. You have plenty of time.
I'm flying from Istanbul to IAD on Turkish and connecting to RDU on United. the tickets are not connected. I have 3 hrs to connect. If I do only carry on, do I have to exit security or can I go to the gate to get my boarding pass? If I have checked luggage, do I have to exit security or is there a UAL desk at re-check where I can do this and not have to exit?
Yes, you still have to go through US Immigration and Customs at which point you will be outside security. However, 3 hours should be enough time. It will be more difficult with checked bags as on two separate reservations you will have to take them to the United check-in desk before going through security. You are always outside security after clearing US Customs.
If I have to go to the United desk to get my boarding passes on the IAD-RDU leg, why is it more difficult with checked bags? I'm trying to discern if there is a UAL desk in that area or if I have to go all the way to the entrance as though I've just walked off the street and flying from IAD-RDU. I'm trying to determine pros/cons of checking vs carryon for this 3 week trip.
You don't have to go to the desk to get your boarding pass to RDU. You can get it online before leaving Turkey. Yes, the desk is on the departure level, which actually isn't THAT far from where you will exit customs.

Hi, For an all ANA flight from Yyz to NRT thru IAD, how would the transfer process be like? Will I be pretty screened in Toronto?
Thank you.
Yes, your flight from Toronto to IAD will be operated by United Express and you will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Toronto. All you have to do in IAD is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hello, arriving from San Fran United flight 355 and departing 1 hour and 9 minutes later to Ottawa, Canada on United flight 6314.

Is this enough time? Many thanks
Yes, that is enough time. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi, My sister and her son are flying into IAD from Doha on Qatar Airways at 3:40 pm. They are then catching a flight to Savannah which departs at 5:05 pm. The international and domestic tickets are not linked. Will they have enough time to make it to their connecting flight? DO they have to go through security again? Please help me with the steps that they have to go through. Thanks.
That is not enough time. They will arrive in the International Arrivals Building, go through US Immigration, claim their bags, go through US Customs, then have to take their bags to the United Check-in Desk, then go through security and to their departure gate.
Hello, I'll coming from Munich to St. Louis through IAD with a layover of 1.20 h with checked lagguage. Is it enough to do passport checks (i'm European)? Thanks!
That's below the minimum recommended International to Domestic connection time of 90 minutes (I recommend 2 hours).
I wonder why Airlines companies give such short time to catch another flights!
I fly with United from Philadelphia, which will be arrive at 11:32am, then an international flight to Beijing at 12:30pm (united flight either), so just about 1 hour for connection, is that enough?
Yes, that should be enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I'm flying from Portland, OR to Portland, ME on United. Is the transfer to regional jets typically in the same terminal? I'll have one hour and will be travelling with an infant...
IAD only has one Terminal. Both flights will likely be on the C/D concourse, but there's a small chance that the flight to Maine will be in concourse A.
So if the second flight is on A then we would have to shuttle over? Is there another security check at that point? I'm guessing we'd probably miss our connection if this was the case? Thanks!
Yes, you take a shuttle or the AeroTrain over. You do not have to go through security again.
if I go with united airlines from Nashville Tennesse to Washigton Dulles and then an international flight to Panama City do I have to make the bags connections, migration, customs?
There is no US Customs or Immigration when leaving the US. If everything is on the same reservation all you have to do in Dulles is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
All united flights arriving domestic - departing to Grand Cayman. Before I book - it's a 45 minute layover.
Yes, that's possible if the first flight is on-time.