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I am flying into IAD on United express from Pittsburgh. Flight time is changed and we arrive at IAD at 7:35am and depart on United Express for LGA at 8:20. That is 45 min. Can this be done? Thanks
Yes, that is possible.
Arriving from London Heathrow to IAD then have 1hr 10mins until the flight to Orlando. Is this enough time to go through security, customs, collect and recheck in luggag? Both flights are with United Airlines.
No, that is not enough time. The Minimum time is 90 minutes.
Flying in from Munich MUC connecting to MSY, all United - is 1h30m enough? With checked luggage?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
United flight will arrive at IAD at 16:25 and need to make it on to a United international flight to ZRH leaving at 18:00. Does that give me and my checked bage enough time to make the connection?
Yes, that should be plenty of time.
Arriving on a United Flight on Friday, Sept. 30 at 8:45pm and catching Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul departing at 11:05pm. 2 hours and 20 minutes...is that enough time to make the connection? Will I have to go through security again? (no checked bags)
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
United Flight from Hartford arrives 11:36 am. Need to make it onto United international flight that leaves for Tokyo at 12:25 pm 49 minutes - that enough time do make connection and have baggage make it also?
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Hartford is on-time.

Bookign flights and wondering if 1h 35mins gap between landing in IAD from LHR and getting the flight out of IAD to RIC is enough time and is there a different immigration/customs for transfers ?

Thanks in advance
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Yes, as a transfer everything will be handled in the C/D concourse facility.
United Flight from Alb lands at 11:47AM. Need to catch United Flight to SFO at 12:35AM. Will 45 min be too tight? This will be in February. I'm concerned about winter storms.
Flying from LHR with United Airlines to EWR via IAD with a 2 hour layover in IAD. Will I need to collect my baggage before going through security and connecting on the next flight, or will the baggage be transferred to the connecting flight? Also, how far are the connecting terminals?
Yes, at IAD You will arrive in the C/D concourse, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate, likely also in the C/D Concourse, so everything will take place there. There's a slight chance your flight to Newark will depart from Concourse A, which is a short ride on the AeroTrain away.
San Antonio, TX, US (SAT) to Washington, DC, US (IAD - Dulles)
4:35 pm - 8:47 pm (3h 12m) with a layover of 1hr18mins to connecting UNITED flight to Frankfurt? Is that enough time? How bad is Dulles during the winter? Sorry for the dumb questions
Yes, that is enough time. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate which should both be on the C/D concourse. The weather in Washington DC during the winter is usually good and Dulles is not a congested airport, so it is only affected by the weather when it's exceptionally bad.
Everything is on same reservation, even if the plane is late everything should run smoothly.
My mom is arriving from Moscow to IAD with one checked bag via Aeroflot. She then should travel to St. Louis via United. The layover is about 8 hours. Could someone describe how the process of transfer btw. international and domestic should work? The more details, the better - I will be calling and explaining them to her - she does not speak English.
Based on the Dulles Map I assume she arrives to International Arrivals Building first and she passes the immigration, then customs, then she should pick her checked bag at baggage claim while still being in int. arrivals building. Which terminal she should move to get on United flight? How? Shuttle, walkway or train? Google says gate is A6 so is it terminal A then? We appreciate your responses!
She will arrive and be transported to the International Arrivals Building, then go through US Immigration, claim her bags, and go through US Customs, then she will go to the main terminal departures level and check her bags with United. She will then go through security and then to her departure gate, which could be on A, C, or D. There are signs to all departure gates once you get through security.