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I'm using Global Entry for the first time - I understand I'll be directed to the kiosks, re-check my bags, and have to clear TSA - is there a Global Entry/TSA Pre line when I go through TSA again? Is it different for UAL at IAD? Thanks!
There is no separate pre-check line at the security checkpoint for connecting passengers in the midfield C/D immigration facility.
I am traveling to DisneyWorld with my husband and two small children (4 and 2). We will be coming into IAD airport from Pittsburgh on United and will be taking another United flight out to Orlando.

United changed our departure/arrival times from Pittsburgh to arrival at 11:42am at IAD and then departure at 12:35pm from IAD. Will this be sufficient? I am terrified that with little kids who walk slow, and we might not be able to make it to the second flight.

Thank you so much!
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Please I need help
I will take a flight from Houston to IAD and I have only 37 minutes to take another flight to Madrid(international flight) Both flights are with UNITED. I appreciate your help :)
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both on concourse C/D.
We are flying into IAD from CPH on SAS. Our itinerary continues with a UA flight, but we were not issued a boarding pass for the UA flight at our origin. They said it had to be obtained at Dulles and our luggage is only checked as far as Dulles. The IAD website indicates that we will be processed through customs in the C concourse, but is that where our luggage will be? If it is only tagged for Dulles and not for our final destination, will it go to IAB? And where will we check in for the UA flight and get boarding passes? Is it possible to do this without going to the United ticket counter in the Main Terminal?
If it is only tagged to IAD then it will go to the IAB and you will have to re-check it at the United check in desk. The IAB is right next to the main terminal.
I have 53 minutes between UAL flight from ATL and UAL flight to Brussels. Is that sufficient?
Yes, that should be enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi we have a flight from IAD to Miami at 5:40 pm with AA my friend is coming from Germany it's not a connected flight so she has to go through the immigration and customs and has never been in the USA before. Her flight arrives at 2:50 pm. So that means there are 3 hours in between. Is that enough time?
That should be enough time if her flight arrives on-time.
I will fly from Cincinnati to IAD, arrive at 11:53, then fly to Beijing at 12:40. Do I have enough time to make the next fly? Both are UA. Do I need take train? If yes, how I can use the shortest time to do that?
You may or may not have to take the train, it depends where your flight from Cincinnati arrives (United Express flights use A, C, and D) You will depart from C or D. Yes, you have enough time.
I only have 48 min at IAD , from domestic terminal to international terminal is this enough time
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. IAD only has one terminal.
Hi I have one booking with Lufthansa going from FRA to IAD and then to Denver with a 1 hr 55 min layover. The first two flights are with Lufthansa but the domestic flight is managed by United. The whole booking is made on Lufthansa so I guess I will get there but I am worried that I might miss the flight to Denver. I am from Sweden first time getting into the US only international flights made with the passport is to Japan and Canada. I have gotten the impression by reading here that 1:55 is pretty tight. The arrival at IAD will be on a friday at 15:55 and the flight to Denver departs at 17:50.
You should have enough time - IAD is one of the better airports in the US for making International to domestic connections.
Flying from roc 1hr 17min in iad then to atl via united , roundtrip. 1hr 28min going back,
Will I be ok? As long as my roc flight is on time? First time in iad, how big is it?
Yes, that should be plenty of time. IAD is medium sized. It's smaller than ATL. Imagine ATL with just 3-4 concourses instead of 7 and it's very similar.