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  • washington Dulles to Buffalo, 11th august
    Jul 7, 2014
    the Lufthansa flight i have booked tickets from lands at Washington at 3:05pm and then, i got to board the Buffalo flight that departs at 4:50pm.. i was told that immigration at IAD takes quite long and i am not a US citizen either..Is it true? if so, what should i do for i don't want to miss my connecting flight? please help


  • Tipping for wheelchair assist?
    Jun 18, 2014
    I have a twisted spinal cord that pinches my sciatic nerve. It causes me a lot of pain if I'm carrying thing across long distances. Also I am very new to flying (2 flights). On my second flight I was told I can ask for wheelchair assist. Some of the people were friendly others a little standoffish. I did not know anything about tipping them at all and did not give one. My last flight someone yelled at me for a bit to be ashamed for not tipping the gentleman that helped me, this is how I learned about tipping for the assist. I did further research and people say $10-$20 is the cost. I cannot afford this and felt really bad about not tipping anyone during my flights. I get flights for helping out with my husband's grandmother. I am no longer going to ask for wheelchair assist because I cannot afford to pay $10-$20 so I can be relieved of pain. As for the ones that helped me before, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and never meant to insult you by not giving a tip. I am really new to flying and only learned about it from a random person that clearly thought I was trying to be a snob and berated me for it.


  • London to DC to Albany
    Dec 12, 2013
    Hi, I am in DC for a layover from London with Albany being my final destination, and I read that I have to re-check my bags, does this mean I will need to pay for my second bag twice and go through security twice? What does this entail exactly? Thanks!


    If your tickets were bought on a single reservation, no you will not have to pay again to re-check your bags. There is a re-check desk after you clear US customs that you will be able to drop them off at. Any time you enter the US from abroad you have to claim your baggage and go through US Customs, then re-check it if you're transferring to another flight, then you have to go through security.


    Oct 12, 2013


    1. United uses all Concourses A ,B,C,D,E with corresponding gates (i.e., B10) - United's Code is UA - for both United & United Express. There are no listings for United's flights 229 or 3800 today. 2. While Concourses A - C are connected via AeroTrain, Concourse D can only be reached from the A gates by shuttle bus, or from the C gates by a connector. I suggest you open www.ifly.com/iad, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text to get an idea of the terminal layout & connections. 3. On arrival at IAD, your son should look at overhead screens to find his flight and gate number, then proceed accordingly.


  • finding my connection terminal
    Aug 30, 2013
    I will be arriving at IAD via united air at 11:11 am on 8/30 and will be getting a flight from All Nippon airways at 12:20 pm can I find out what terminal I will be flying out of to make a plan to find the gate?


    Considering you're probably already in the air, this probably won't be much help, but All Nippon uses Concourse B.


  • Customs Clearance of Pet Cat
    Jun 29, 2013
    Hello! I exported a kitty to Qatar (from VA) last November. We're moving back in the next 90 days and are of course bringing our kitty with us. What happens during "customs clearance" at IAD and about how long does that process take? Thank you!


    Animals arriving on an international flight need to go through quarantine inspection. Unfortunately Washington Airport sites do not include animal shipping, or list e-mail address. You may want to try these numbers: IAD Information 703-572-2700; corporate office 703-417-8600. Travelers Aid International Desk 703-572-2536; or try Twitter @dulles_airport.


  • connecting flights
    Jun 10, 2013
    Hi, I am flying UA4304 from Norfolk, VA to Washington and then UA1463 to LAX. I have a 1 and a hlaf hr layover. Is it enough time to catch this connecting flight? Thanks in advance


    It should be enough time. Your flight from Norfolk will arrive in Concourse A and your flight to LAX will depart from C or D. Take the Aerotrain or Mobile lounge between concourses.


  • 43 minutes enough time
    Apr 22, 2013
    I will be flying United 4053 from Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport to Dulles Airport and arriving at Terminal A3E. I will then fly United 924 to London Heathrow. This flight leaves from Terminal C7 The connect time is 43 minutes. 1.) Do I have enough time to get from A3E to C7? and 2.) What is the best route? I am somewhat limited in mobility. I can walk, but not quickly. Thanks for any help or advice.


    Take the AeroTrain from A to C. If you're worried about being able to walk, you can arrange for wheelchair service by calling United.


  • 46 minutes connection to Beijing in IAD
    Apr 21, 2013
    I have a connecting flight on July5 from Houston to Beijing through IAD, The flight IAH- IAD UA321 arriving at 11:34am , and connect to UA897 to Beijing departing at 12:20pm, only 46 minutes layover. Is it enough time for me and the baggage? (checking baggage through to Beijing). Thank you.


    Currently United Airlines uses Midfield Concourses A, B, C & D (with corresponding gates. I suggest you open www.ifly.com/iad, then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


    You will be cutting it extremenly close. Baggage check for international flights closes about 30 mins prior to departure, and if you're stuck taking one of those big people movers to the main terminal then it's a crapshoot - last year I was one one that broke down in between terminals and we had to wait nearly 45 minutes (!!!) for them to try and re-start it then finally order a new one to be sent over. Even when they are in proper working order, you could be waiting a while for it to fill up with passengers before it actually departs your arrival terminal.


    My baggage will be checked in at Houston and through to Beijing, I don't have to claim at IAD, but I'm still worrying about the 46 minutes layover.


  • Connecting flight- enough time?
    Feb 21, 2013
    I am flying from London Heathrow to IAD, and then i would like to take a domestic flight from IAD to BOS. I am landing at IAD at 4.22pm, is it safe for me to take the 6.30pm or 7.30pm flight to BOS? I have booked the HEA-IAD flight but not the IAD-BOS one. I am an international passport holder.


    You would probably be fine with the 6:30 but the 7:30 will be safer, since if you're bringing baggage you will have to claim it and then re-check it with JetBlue or United for your flight to Boston since it will be two separate tickets. If you're not checking a bag I think the 6:30 would be OK.


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