Parking Options at Houston Hobby Airport

If picking up /dropping off a passengers, you may consider parking in the Cell Phone Lot, located off Airport Blvd.  Stay in your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.

EV-Charging:  The 'Blink InCard for smartphone is needed and can be obtained at  Scan a QR code from touchscreen to receive a Blink Guest Code.  Charging sessions are free.  Blink locations are at Red Garage, Valet at level 2 and at Ecopark.  ChargPoint is at Blue Garage, Level 2.  For Blink assistance contact Blink Support Center (open 24/7) at 1-888-998-2546 or at  For ChargePoint assistance contace ChargePoint Customer care at 1-888-758-4389 - open 24/7.

Other parking options & fees at Houston Hobby Airport: 
There are now two parking garages available - 'old' Garage Red located opposite of the terminal complex, and new 4-level Garage Blue (opened in 2015 with 900 spaces, later to be extended to 2,000). Garage Blue has a smart parking space locator system and a pedestrian bridge to the Terminal on level 3, . Both Garages are connected at two points. All parking options are all accessible from the Hobby Airport Loop.
    Parking Garage Red across from the terminal has disabled parking spaces:
Fees:  first & second hr $3 each; 2-3 hrs $8, 3-5 hrs $10; 5-24 hrs (daily max) $20.
   New Parking Garage Blue (at northwest corner of Garage Red)
Fees:  first & second hr $3 each; 2-3 hrs $8, 3-5 hrs $10; 5-24 hrs (daily max) $20.
    Valet Parking /Garage parking (tel. 281-233-3274):
  First 2 hrs $13, plus tax; 2-24 hrs $26.
    Ecopark Lot  has Focus Point with 24-hr intercom access for immedate assistance.
Fees: first 3 hrs $4.62 plus tax; 3-24 hrs $9.24 plus tax!

NEW: A new 4-level parking garage with over 2,500 spaces is located along the northwest corner of the current garage, with a smart parking space locator system and a third-level pedestrian bridge to the terminal. 
Fees:  not yet available.

Payment Option:
InstaPark Express offers ticketless parking:
On entering, insert your credit card; on exiting, insert the same card - your card is charged and you are out in a flash!

For more parking information call New South Parking at 281-233-1729 /30.

Houston Hobby (HOU) Airport Parking Map

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