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I am arriving on an international flight and need to get a sim card and service for my iphone. Does Hobby have a store for that?
I doubt it - Hobby only got international flights a few years ago and only has a handful of international flights daily.
Will there be an Ash Wednesday Mass on March 1?
The Airport chapel is an Interfaith Chapel. It does not hold religious services such as Catholic Mass.
Horrible customer service.
Fun in the Sun Store - Do you only have sales at the airport or where else can I find you. I broke my sunglasses I bought from you when I was dropping off my son for a trip and I want to replace them with the same pair - I loved them! I just don't want to drive all the way to Hobby :(
This is not Fun in the Sun or the Hobby Airport's website. Nobody from either of those entities will read your message.
None of the venders are open on time. Always Dam late. Then why do you have the worthless people who knows what a pay check is.
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hudson news, dirty store, nasty coffee area,
OMG I just had the exact same problem with an employee of this gross restaurant except she was verbally abusive in telling to take my fat ass somewhere else. If she was a man, and I have my suspicions, I would have punched him. No room for this nonsense in an airport.
I fly at Hobby often and enjoyed using the massage chair. On April 20, I wanted to use the massage chair, there were two chairs, one was used by someone, the other one was not in use, but an employee of Hunan was sitting there using her phone testing. I asked if she is not paying the massage chair , she should let me use it. She ignored me and would not get up. I waited for 15 minutes, she still refused to get up. I tried to contact Hunan restaurant supervisor and she was no help at all. They refuse to tell this employee to get off the massage chair so I can pay to use the chair. I would like to know what can we do under this situation?