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We would be travelling from Mumbai to Berlin with layover of 1 hr and 05 mins at Zurich airport. The transfer is between Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. Do we need to go through Passport control and Security check ??. Is it sufficient layover for a connection
Is a 1hr layover in ZRH long enough to make my connecting flight without having to rush? What security processes will I have to go through and how long does that typically take? Thank you!
You don't have to go through security. You will just go through Schengen Entry Passport Control. You should have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We are 4 adults and 4 kids flying from New Delhi, India to Spain via Swiss Air with a layover in Zurich. Both reservations are by Swiss Air. We have 40 mins to transfer as first flight reaches at 6:20 am and other departs at 7:00 am? Will this be enough time? Do we have to change gates, if yes, which ones are the relevant gates for us? Do we have to go thru passport & visa control? Thanks in advance.
You have to go through Schengen Entry Passport Control. Yes, you will have to change gates but you won't know your exact gates until the day of your flight. This is an extremely difficult connection.
Hello. Will 1:20 layover be enough time to go through passport control arriving from Boston? We won't need to pick up luggage as it is the same ticket (SWISS), right? Thx!
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi. We have tickets on separate reservations - Dubrovnik to Zurich arrive 920 am, Zurich to Washington DC depart at 1155 am (2 hrs 35 min between). Both airlines are Star Alliance so we hope to check bags through (Croatia and United). If we can't do so and have to pick up bags and go through customs, etc do we have enough time between flights?
Your bags should be checked through and all you should have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
We will fly from Athens to ZRH and connect ZRH to final destination in Boston -- both flights on Swiss Air LX. We arrive at 15h55 and depart at 17h30 (only 1 hour + 35 minutes). [1] Do we have to go through customs; and [2] Will this be enough time for our connection? THANKS so much for your help!
You will go through Schengen Exit passport control, which is a very brief process, in Zurich. You have enough time.
We will be arriving at ZRH on the 18th of May at 4:35pm via Swiss Air (coming in from FCO)... We are connecting to a flight from ZRH to EWR at 5:20 pm also via Swiss Air. I have no terminal information for Zurich...Will there be an issue making this connection... We are 7 people (2 are Seniors) all of us with checked luggage.
Zurich really only has one terminal. This is a difficult connection but should be possible if the flight from Rome is on-time.
we will be flying swissair from Montreal to Beijing with a 7 hour layover in Zurich. How do I find out which gate we arrive at and which we leave from. I'm trying to figure out where we go to rest during those seven hours as we'll be arriving at the crack of dawn, but it will only be the night before to us. Can you answer that for me please?
You won't know your gates until the day of your flight. The Zurich airport is fairly comfortable.
I am flying from Canada to Russia connecting through both ZRH, and VIE on a single ticket. Will I need to deal with immigration at either ZRH, or VIE?
Yes, you will go through Schengen Entry passport control in Zurich since your flight to Vienna is within Schengen. You will then go through Schengen Exit passport control in Vienna to get to your flight to Russia.
Hi, would like to check if I will have enough time to do as I will only have 55minutes for transfer from ZRH-MAN. 2) do I have to go through passport control & will that take a Long time? 3)do I have to take a train for transit From terminal to terminal?
Since you are not entering the Schengen Area you will not have to go through passport control. Zurich really only has one terminal.