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How or where can I store my luggage at the Airport?
Few airports offer it due to security concerns. If luggage storage is available, iFly lists this service under "Guest Services".

Can I have someone paged who is arriving on a Flight?
Find out on which airline flight he/she is arriving and contact the airline requesting a page. Or go to the Information desk and ask them to page your party. Some airports also have a page board for those who are not able to hear the paging. If the airport offers paging, you will find it listed here under "Guest Services".

I am continuing my trip on a connecting flight, does the airport offer shower or exercise facilities?
Such services are listed under "Guest Services" at this site; if you see no listing, the airport most likely does not have them. However many area hotels offer discount rates for their exercise facilities. Inquire at the information desk of the Airport.

Where do I find Maps for Terminal, Parking Facilities, Airport Location & Directions?
You can access all the above via "Maps & Directions" in the top menu.

I have lost an item, how can I find out if it was found?
If you lost the item on the airplane, contact your airline. If you lost the item at the airport, contact the airport. If a piece of luggage is missing, contact your airline. For detailed information, go to "Lost & Found" listed under Airport Details at this site. At some airports you will have to complete their own missing items form, explaining where & when you lost the item. If you have already left the airport, you can submit it online or via regular mail.

Where can I obtain information and assistance navigating the airport?
Smaller airports usually have an Information Desk close to the ticket counters and maybe an additional one at arrivals. Larger US/CAN Airports usually provide various kinds of assistance, starting with the main Information counter close to the terminal entrance & placing smaller information points at strategic locations throughout the terminal. Larger Airports also provide trained roaming volunteers from the community (usually referred to as "Airport Ambassadors" and recognizable by their uniform)--do not hesitate to approach them for help or directions needed. The airport also may have a Travelers Aid station, staffed by volunteers. Each of these services is listed under "Guest Services" at this site.

What is Travelers Aid and what can they do for me?
Travelers Aid is a non-profit organization, dedicated to offer assistance to stranded travelers and travelers in need. It is staffed by volunteers, who are trained to assist travelers in the following ways:
  • Directing travelers to points within the Airport and to various community facilities;
  • Offering tourist information regarding accommodations and sightseeing attractions;
  • Assisting in map reading and in accessing local transportation;
  • Offering non-English speakers free access to the AT&T Language Line (interpretation of 130 languages and/or dialects);
  • Helping individuals in need to transfer from terminal to terminal.
  • Providing professional social service and emergency assistance to stranded travelers, military personnel, and runaways of all ages.

Which Hotels are either close to, or on-Airport, or does the Airport have a Transit Hotel?
On-Airport Hotels & Transit Hotels (the latter usually rents by set hours, offers basic accommodations & is ideal for travelers catching a later flight to their final destination) are listed under "Guest Services" at this site. If the on-airport hotel offers Business & Conference facilities, look under "Business Services" at this site. Either refer to this site's "Hotels" & contact your choice directly, or go to the Tourist or Information counters to make reservations. Another on-line hotel finder is to contact the local Convention & Visitors Bureau website and look for Accommodations.

Is there a shuttle service to hotels?
Most area hotels provide their own courtesy shuttle service for their guests. For those who don't, refer to "Shuttles & Vans" at this site, or "Taxis & Limos".

We need a shoe-shine, a barber, a beauty parlor, and a massage - where do we find those services?
All these services are listed under "Guest Services" in alphabetical order, along with all other services not covered by separate links (i.e., dry cleaning & laundry service, luggage-related services, etc.)

We travel with our children - how can we keep them entertained while waiting for our flight?
Play grounds or play rooms, family rooms, entertainment for bigger children, nursing rooms, as well as airport-related puzzles, airport museums & art exhibits are all listed under Guest Services at this site. Many restaurants at the airports offer children's menus & high chairs (see "Restaurants & Stores" at this site).