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KUL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What terminal does Korean air fly from
Hello, I will be arriving from Brisbane, Australia on flight MH134. I will then be transferring to flight MH 790 to Phuket. Would you please advise me of the directions from MH134 arrival gate to MH790 departure gate, and the approximate time time this would take. Thank you, and Best wishes
I am looking for advising that what to do if I am arriving at Terminal 2 and wants to get along with my wife who will be arriving at Terminal M ?
arrival on Malaysia air from Sandakan at 435PM
depart on Vietnam air to Saigon at 850PM
please advise how to do this
We arrive on a Malaysian airline from Perth and have to board the Oman flight to Muscat. We have only 1 and half hours from landing to departure, could you please inform me the best way to achieve this.
Thank you
I have the same coming up, how was it?

I have a flight transfer from Cebu going to Singapore. Do I directly proceed to the gate assigned for my next flight or do I need to go to the immigration first and then to security transfer area before going to my next flight gate?
Hi I fly into main terminal from heathrow and going to bali, i have a 1.5hr stop time does this flight depart from the same terminal and is this enough time. Vice versa on the way back.
Hello, we will arrive from the amsterodam to M terminal and fly to Vietnam from the same terminal. We have a transfer 1:20. Will we get it? Thanks
I am arriving from SDK on Air Asia 12:25 pm on March 8. I depart at 1:30 pm on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong. Will I need to change terminals? Is that enough time (65 min.) to make the connection?
Coming malindo od 553 to Kul at 4:20am(terminal M), leaving on od 9114 to Chennai at 5:20am, what is my gate locations? First time in KUL, need clear info, thanks
You don't find out your gates until the day of your flight.
Coming from Yangon on 18.2.18 to KL Main terminal. Transit time is only one hour. Please let me know the procedure and Gate No. Thanks