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LGW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I was wondering if anyone who has traveled through LGW before can shed the light on a question that continues to boggle me. I will be arriving on an international flight from IST to the South Terminal (no specific gate information) and will be transiting to another international flight to JFK also within the South Terminal. Will I have to go through Passport control at any point? The only reason I am asking is to see if I need to apply for a transit visa or that would not be necessary if I am to say within the airside of the South Terminal. Thank you in advance for your invaluable input.
We land north on Virgin from US and have 2hr connection out of south on British Air to Rome. Can we bypass passport control and security if we have only carry on bags? If no, is priority passport control and security worth it(does it really save time)?
Three persons(adults), each with checked bag, arriving Norwegian from FLL, depart EasyJet to AMS in 2 hours. What do we do to pick up from Norwegian & transfer bags to EasyJet? Where are pick up & transfer sites? Is 2 hours enough time?
Nancy Hubbert
Will we have enough time to get from Norwegian from MCO- Orlando arriving Terminal (S) to Easy Jet Terminal (N)? We have to retrieve one checked bag? Do we have to go through Customs. Currently we have 2.5 hours between flights. Thank you
My niece arrives at 19,35 from Olbia (with Easyjet) and she must take the plane to Dublino (with Ryanair) at 21,35.
I want know how many terminals are at Gatwick and if she has enough time to take it?
Thank you very much
Cristina Mele
We arrive with Norwegian D82411 time 15:20 from Tenerife terminal S and have a departure flight D82908 also terminal S to CPH.
What is the walking distance an time between the two gates?
Can I go stright to flight connection or I neet to go out of arrival zone and go all like and additional flight. I will arrive with AirBaltic and depature with BritishAirways, but I have 2 different tickets?
Between flight I have 40min before gate close. Can we do that if we run?
I will arrive on Easyjet from Vienna toe LGW and must claim my bag and check in with Norwegian Air from London to Orlando FL. I have a little more than a 2 hour window to do this. I don't know which terminal I arrive or depart from and don't know about baggage claim location. I am able to walk, but not very fast. Can someone suggest the best way to have this work?
I suggest not trying this - that's not really enough time.
The ticket is purchased and non refundable. I will have to give it a try. Can someone tell me which terminal Easy Jet might use. Do I have to go a long way to collect baggage or is it at plane side? Which terminal does Norwegian use? Is their some kind of transport for senior citizens--wheel chair, golf cart. moving sidewalk tram? Any suggestions for what I should do when I can't make this connection? any help will be appreciated.
I'm arriving at ST @ 9:10 am via Aer Lingus on Oct 3 and leaving NT at 12:00 noon via Air Canada. Can someone please explain the process?