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Can I go stright to flight connection or I neet to go out of arrival zone and go all like and additional flight. I will arrive with AirBaltic and depature with BritishAirways, but I have 2 different tickets?
Between flight I have 40min before gate close. Can we do that if we run?
I will arrive on Easyjet from Vienna toe LGW and must claim my bag and check in with Norwegian Air from London to Orlando FL. I have a little more than a 2 hour window to do this. I don't know which terminal I arrive or depart from and don't know about baggage claim location. I am able to walk, but not very fast. Can someone suggest the best way to have this work?
I suggest not trying this - that's not really enough time.
The ticket is purchased and non refundable. I will have to give it a try. Can someone tell me which terminal Easy Jet might use. Do I have to go a long way to collect baggage or is it at plane side? Which terminal does Norwegian use? Is their some kind of transport for senior citizens--wheel chair, golf cart. moving sidewalk tram? Any suggestions for what I should do when I can't make this connection? any help will be appreciated.
I'm arriving at ST @ 9:10 am via Aer Lingus on Oct 3 and leaving NT at 12:00 noon via Air Canada. Can someone please explain the process?