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Landing at gate 11 and departing from gate 22 -how far is that to alk-is there a travelator-?
I arrive at Gatwick from Los Angeles at 10:25am, and have a connecting flight to Milan at 12:10pm- will I have enough time to clear customs and make it to the gate for my connector? Wow Air -> Easyjet.
How far is gate 567 from departure lounge,I can walk but am slow
It's right out of the departure lounge. Make sure you're going out the right way though! Gate 567 is located on the other end of the terminal from most of the gates, by Wetherspoons at the North End. As long as you go hen your flight is called (on the screens ) you'll definitely make it on time!

Airport Map: http://gatwickairport.com/contentassets/8d4b795686474a6ba63e19852f248153/gatwick_north_v23.pdf