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Hi, I'm a US citizen and will be arriving from Los Angeles at 7:30, and have a 9:00 flight to Brisbane. Is that enough time? Will I need to go though customs in Sydney or Brisbane? And if customs is in Sydney, does luggage go all the way though?
Is WLG to SYD considered domestic?
Appears from flight numbers and info on Qantas site I'll have to change from T3 to T1. Flying from WLG to SYD to HNL all on Qantas flights 1641 and 31. Looks like a distance and wondering will I have to go through an inspection for self and carry on bag and how much time is recommended to allow? Right now tentative time only allows 1.5 hrs and am wondering what the recommended amount of time is and will I need to go through another "inspection".
Hi-When transferring from a Jetstar International flight to China Airlines flight to Taiwan, do I need to changes terminals and do I need a special visa for transit via Australia? Carrying on luggage only.
6 hour connection time. Thanks
Arriving from Abu Dhabi and connecting to a flight to Fiji (both flights in one booking and probably with bags checked through), will I have to go through immigration, collect bags and recheck them? Or will they just security screen me and let me into international departure airside and the bags just go through?
Hi Rainer, as you are only transiting through SYD to Fiji no you will not have to collect your bags until you reach Fiji as Australia is not your final country. If you were transferring to a domestic flight within Australia then yes you would have to collect your luggage to proceed through the security and customs checks then re-check in your luggage.
What is the best way to ransfer from Jetstar international to Jetstar domestic with 2.5 hours between flights?
I will be arriving Sydney from Los Angeles in transit the same day to Auckland. Is there a transit lounge inside security to get to my next flight or do I have to claim checked baggage and go through customs and immigration, then recheck baggage, go through security again?
Hello, If I come from the Coffs Harbour airport and arriving at Terminal 3 in Sydney, and I need to go to Terminal 1 to catch the flight to Dubai. Do I have to pass the pass immigration control again in Sydney?
Where does the bus from Canberra arrive to sydney airport? I need to take an International flight, and I don't know the details.
Thank you for your advice and help.
Marcos G.
It would be helpful if Ground Transport-
action included info about the Sydney metro/train system and where to buy tickets in the international terminal.
Any suggestions? This app does not provide any...
Indeed the App provides this info when clicking on Quick Links /Terminal Map; which states (look below the map):
"Transfer options between T1 and T2/T3: (fares are only an estimate). Between Terminals 2 & 3 is a walkway.
1. AirportLink Train: Frequent trains run daily 5am-midnight beetween T1 & T2/T3, take 2 mins and cost $5.
2. T-Bus (tel. +61 2 970 8844): frequent shuttles buses between T1 & T2 take 10 mins & cost $5.50. Buses stops on Arrivals level at T1, bus bay 21 near McDonalds, and at T2 bus bay 3 near baggage carousel 6.
3. P-Bus serves T2, T3 & long-term carpark.
4. Taxis: between T1 & T2/T3 takes 10 mins and costs $8-12.
5. Qantas Seamless Transfer: between Domestic QF400-QF1599 flights & international flights QF001-QF399 - confirm eligibility by calling 131313.
6. Virgin Blue Seamless Transfer: If transferring between Virgin Blue & Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue or one of Virgin Australia's interline or codeshare partner airlines, you may be eligible to use this service - confirm eligibility by calling 136789.