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on 14 Feb 2019 on transfer from flight EY 0251 to flight EY 0021 I left my Tudor watch in the security check tray; gold colour with a dark brown leather strap. Has it been found ?
I lost my wallet in Airplane 01/07/2018 EY 201 at 23:15 Seat 15E i think i kept in front of seat Pocket
still not find i already checked first day give your email address to complain as well
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USA: : +1-845-915-8712
India: +91-9642373173
Mail: [email protected]
Dear Sir/Madam;
I lost my I phone while boarding from Gate 28 on the 19th October. Its a I phone 6s. Blue cover with pineapple print. It has all my vacation pictures for 4 years. Please help. I am trying to call lost and found. No one is picking up.
I lost two bracelets at metal detector area, yesterday 04/04/2017 at departures gate.
Please, let me know at [email protected]
lost an iphone 6 at the security check point,black protective cover with gold base, in a black leather hip clip case. date lost march 5th
wallet containing idendity cards, bank cards lost at Abu Dhabi airport gate no 18 on 22/23 night before boarding Air india Flight AI946 to Mumbai