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AUH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Lost a silver Titan watch at Terminal 1 at the first security screening on Jan 24th (Flight EY 211). Whom to contact for help?
Hi,my name is Waleed Nasir I lost my documents at Abu Dhabi airport.how can I get back I go 3 time to airport but nobody help me.
Hi, I lost my gold chain while security at US preclearance security. how can i contact them and get my gold chain back. please suggest.

Ashish Meshram
My father went through security on a connecting flight from Milan to Bangkok and left his Mac at security. Who should I contact or how would you suggest I locate the lost item?
I lost my passport I don't why the lost and found people not taking my calls...i have been calling them a lot
Good evening, I arrived in Abu Dhabi airport from Milan on Sunday evening 1900 on 9 April 2017. As I was coming through security to transfer my flight, I removed my silver bangle engraved on the inside with 'Tiggy my love, Mother'. Has anyone handed it in? Regards, Sarah
Lost Jwellery At Terminal 60 After Security Check for flight EY 151with small Maroon Pouch
I left my gold Gucci watch at the security check. I left it at the security check when I was transferring from Jet airways from Kochi to the Etihad flight to Brisbane on the 24 January.