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hello ,Im from turkey I wanna go to bangkok thailand with etihad airways from istanbul turkey, do I have to take transit visa for this? thanks
lost my passport
put on website
it seems like I have forgotten to collect my laptop from security check at Abu Dhabi airport terminal 3. I realized it after reaching Toronto, Canada. Can someone please help to find it.
I was traveling on Etihad EY141 to Toronto at Terminal 3 on June 2, 2019.

Thank you
I've forgotten my ring in the case that you have to put your belongings at the check-in at Abu Dhabi at 8.30 p.m.. I came from the flight of Brussels and took the plane at 10 p.m. to Hong Kong. It is a ring with a bluish gem. I'd loved to find him back!!
This was on 11th of April!
This was on 11th of April!
Is there any way to get back a laptop bag that was left at the security check area in terminal 3?
Hp laptop bag. Around 9 pm, terminal 3
I took off my Apple Watch series 3 for security transferring between flights from Cochin in India EY283 to Dublin EY45 in Abi Dhabi airport. I don’t remember picking it back up or putting in my back. Can u notify me if it is found. Thankyou
I lost my Samsung Galaxy Note probably on the security control, after arriving with Etihad Airways flight EY 090 (20.45 arrival time) from Athens.

I think I may have left my black wallet containing my Australian Drivers License, $AUD 35 and several credit cards behind at Abu Dhabi airport when going through security. What number should I contact to make enquiries about this?


Adam Passman
I have article recorded with you I have an item number . The courier service will pick up however the article needs to be packaged and the lost/ found dept needs to print a label from the courier how can this be arranged ?
Thank you for your cooperation in advance .
Hi Team
I forgot to pick my wrist watch after security check in terminal 3 at abu dhabi international airport on 16th Jan between 7.20am to 7.40am. It's Titan analog silver color woman wrist watch. Please help in finding it.

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Sunitha G E