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Acapulco Alvarez Airport ACA
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Barra Viejo
The beach of Barra Vieja is a small island that it lies between the River Papagayo, the Lagoon of Tres Palos and an overflow outlet the river, releasing its waters into the Pacific Ocean.

Caleta and Caletilla
The water there is tame due to the natural protection afforded by the Isla de la Roqueta.

Coyuca Lagoon
This lagoon situated about 35 km to the northeast of Acapulco, along highway 200.

La Condesa
In the center of Santa Lucia Bay and in center of the Zona Dorada.

La Quebrada
Just a few blocks from the port's center--in the old quarter of the city--it offers a beautiful natural setting with steep cliffs.

La Roqueta
Located opposite Caleta and Caletilla. To cross over, glass-bottom boats are being used.

Pie de la Cuesta
Situated 10 km to the north-east of Acapulco it is famous for its spectacular sunsets.

Playa Icacos
This beach covers the largest extention of the bay, along the southern shore of the bay.

Playa La Angosta
A thin stretch of beach opposite La Quebrada - accessible only by boat.

Playa Tlacopanocha
Next to the pier and opposite the Zocalo (main square), the waves here are tranquil.

Puerto Marquez
Located southeast of Acapulco, and surrounded by greenery, the sea there is tranquil.

Located at the side of the scenic highway leading to the airport, after Puerto Márquez.

Tamarindos, Hornos and Hornitos
Ideal for water sports, as well as other sports.

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