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Security control Liquid limits on hand baggage

New EU regulations on all flights from Swedish airports to a domestic, EU or other international destination were introduced on November 6, 2006. These regulations limit the amount of liquid that can be carried in a passenger’s hand baggage. Checked baggage is not affected by these regulations nor are tax– and duty-free purchases made after passing the security checkpoint.  Pack properly - shop as usual 
 New security rules for hand baggage in civil aviation (the Swedish Transport Agency) Before checking in Before entering the security screening checkpoint Pack all sharp objects that can be classified as  weapons in baggage that will be checked in. This includes scissors, nail files, pocket knives and corkscrews. If any sharp object is found during security screening, the traveller will be asked to return to the check-in counter and check in the item or throw it away. Empty your pockets of mobile telephones, keys and coins before entering the security checkpoint. Place these items in your hand baggage. The hand baggage will then be placed on a conveyor belt and passed through an x-ray machine. The articles in the hand baggage will not set the alarm off, nor will you as you walk through the security screening area. The time taken by each traveller to pass through the area will be reduced, thus avoiding long queues. Prohibited articles
A Commission Regulation on aviation security that came into force on February 1, 2004, includes a list of items not permitted on aircraft and is intended as a guide for those travelling by air.

The regulation lists items that should not be packed in hand baggage carried onto the aircraft as well as items not allowed in checked baggage.

The list is in accordance with Annex 17 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a specialised United Nations agency, and is applicable not only to EU countries  but also to the 188 member states of ICAO.  Read more about prohibited articles on the Swedish Transport Agency's website. At the moment, this is only available in Swedish.

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