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Nearby Airports to Angelholm-Helsingborg

We've listed the nearest 10 airports to Angelholm, Gotaland sorted by distance, including links to each airport guide. Which are the closest airports to Angelholm, Gotaland? The closest 3 airports are 1. Kastrup Copenhagen, 2. Everod Kristianstad-Osterlen, & 3. Malmo-Sturup Malmo. All of these proximity airports offer commercial flight services:

Copenhagen CPHKastrup CPH (46 miles)
Kristianstad-Osterlen KIDEverod KID (54 miles)
Malmo MMXMalmo-Sturup MMX (56 miles)
Smaland Vaxjo VXOVaxjo / Kronoberg VXO (84 miles)
Aarhus AARKolind AAR (85 miles)
Ronneby RNBRonneby, Gotaland RNB (93 miles)
Goteborg-Landvetter GOTLandvetter GOT (97 miles)
Aalborg AALNorresundby AAL (126 miles)
Billund BLLBillund BLL (148 miles)
Szczecin-Goleniow SZZGoleniow SZZ (204 miles)
When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.