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Passengers and luggage may be dropped off in front of the terminal, at the departure level. Do not park at the curb! After discharging your passenger(s), you have the option of following the road around to the car park entry and parking the car there, should you wish to bid farewell to your departing passenger(s) in the terminal.

BIA public car parks offer both short-term and long-term parking; they are open lots.

Short-Term Parking (stated in BD - Bahrain Dinars)
The first 20 mins - FREE
The first 6 hrs - BD 0.2 per hr
Over 6 hrs - BD 0.1 per hr
One day - BD 3.0
Each add'l day - BD 1.5

Long-Term Parking
One day - BD 3.0
Each add'l day - BD 1.5

New Car Parks were also constructed to accommodate BIA's frequent flyers, and Valet Parking is being planned. However, no fee schedule is presently available.

Pay at cashier counters located at the exits (open 24/7). CASH ONLY--no credit cards!

BAH Off-Airport Parking

Save 50% Or More vs. On-Airport Parking
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BAH Airport Parking Map

Bahrain BAH airport parking map

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