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Bergen Flesland Airport BGO
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Banking/ATM Services at Bergen Flesland BGO Airport

ATM Banking & currency automats are available in the Arrivals hall, level 1, and in both domestic & international departure areas. 
Holders of a foreign card will only be able to get NOK (Norwegian kroners); however, in the Arrivals Hall you may exchange cash to cash.  For more information  open the Nordea site at (www.) nordea.no/Privat/Daglig+bruk/Konto+og+betalinger/Reisevaluta/401954.html?vanity=www.nordea.no1554272

Currency Exchange at Bergen Flesland BGO Airport

A branch of  Handelsbanken is located at BGO Airport  in the arrivals hall on the ground level. This branch also exchanges foreign currencies into Norwegian kroner.

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