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Drop-Off / Pick-Up: Drivers can drop off passengers in front of the passenger terminal--follow signs for dropping off when approaching the airport. Note, however, that you must use the Short-Stay Under 24-hrs Car Park and stay with your car until your party has arrived, collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. Unattended or waiting vehicles outside any terminal building will be towed. Also do not pick up or drop off on approach roads as this may create traffic congestion and will also mean a longer walk for your passengers.

Parking Options & Fees:

1. Short Stay Under 24hrs Car Park: For motorists parking only for a maximum of four hours. A higher tariff applies thereafter. Follow signs to this Short-Stay Car Park. A fast-track lane is available for drivers picking up passengers and drivers are allowed to stay in this area free of charge for 20 minutes. The short stay tariff will apply for any stays longer than 20 minutes. Signs clearly indicate which area within the car park is the pick up zone, and the pick up bays are also clearly marked. Within the pick up zone are Last Chance to Pay bays near the pay machine at the exit barrier, should drivers exceed their 20 minutes free stay. Fees:
Up to 20 mins - free 20 to 40 mins - �2.00
40 to 60 mins - �3.00
1 to 2 hrs - �4.50
2 to 3 hrs - �6.00
3 to 4 hrs - �10.00
4 to 24 hours (daily max) - �22.00
Each day thereafter, or part thereof - �22.00

2. Short Stay Over 24hrs Car Park: Intended for motorists who have not pre-booked and will be parking for over 24 hours. A shuttle bus operates 24/7 to/from the passenger terminal. Payments should be made at the NCP Customer Service Desk located within the arrivals hall. You can book online for savings. Without prior booking, the fees are:
Day 1 - �14, Day 2 - �25; Day 3 - �31;
Day 4 - �37; Day 5 - �43; Day 6 - �50;
Day 7 - �56; Day 8 - �62; Day 9 - �68;
Day 10- �74; Day 11-�80; Day 12-�86;
Day 13- �92; Day 14-�98; Day 15-�104;
Each day thereafter - �6.

3. Long Stay Car Park: Those who have pre-booked should follow signs for this Car Park. A 24/7 shuttle bus runs to/from passenger terminal. This Car Park also includes disabled parking (see below). The following fees apply if you do not prebook:
Day 1 - �14; Day 2 - �25; Day 3 - �31;
Day 4 - �37; Day 5 - �43; Day 6 - �50;
Day 7 - �56; Day 8 - �62; Day 9 - �68;
Day 10 -�74; Day 11-�80; Day 12-�86;
Day 13 -�92; Day 14-�98; Day 15-�104;
Each day thereafter - �6.

Payment Methods: Disabled Parking: Dedicated parking spaces are available in both the short- and long-stay car parks. Should you need assistance or have questions, use the help button located on every entry/exit barrier. A dedicated ramp access leads from Short-Stay Under 24hrs Car Park to the passenger terminal. Fees: The same as short- and long-stay car parks.

Car Hire / Rental Car Hires & Returns Approaching signs will direct all car hire and returns to the Short Stay Under 24 Hours Car Park. The car hire area is adjacent to the car hire building within the Short Stay Under 24 Hours Car Park, and within this section the names of the car hire companies will be clearly marked on the bays.

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