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Changdu International Airport terminal complex layout,  International to Domestic Flights transfers, Terminal details, and Amenities & Services (including lounges):

The terminal complex at Chengdu International Airport consists of two
separate passenger terminals - T1 & T2 - connected by shuttle buses and reached by separate access roads (both roads have a road connector to the Chengdu Airport Hotel):
 - Airport East 1st Road leads to Airport South 1st Road with Terminal 2 (with exits to Airport South 4th, 3rd & 1st Roads for Chengdu Airport Express Hotel, parking entrance, First-Aid Center, Tibet Airlines, post office and bank). Thereafter Airport East 1st Road makes a sharp curve onto Airport South 1st Road, which borders the VIP Service Area D, the Konggang Restaurant, and the Terminal 2 complex.
- Airport Highway leads to Terminal 1, with a 2-level circle road (Airport North 2d Road & Airport North 1st Road).  The circle road also connects to the Airport's Public Security Bureau, the Chengdu Hotel, and to Terminal 2.
- Shuttle buses connect both terminals:
   (a) Inside the Separation Area (post-security) stopping at Concourse C of T1 and at  Concourse D of T2 (for nearby boarding gates of Concourses D through G.
   (b) Outside the Separation Area (pre-security) stopping at the south side of T1 and outside of T2's Departure Hall.
- VIP Service Areas C & A are near the opposite ends of of  T1; while VIP Service Areas D & F are near opposite ends of T2. 

Transferring from an International to a Domestic Flights: (Domestic flights will close their check-in facilities 45 minutes prior to departure):
    International arrivals from Terminal 1, gates 101-108 need to take escalator down to Qarantine, Immigration, baggage claim & Customs, then either exit the terminal or proceed, to the right, to the domestic area for domestic flight connection.
    Passengers needing to check-in baggage:
- Landside Transfers:  After getting off the aircraft, proceed to arriving passenger corridor/shuttle to Arriving Hall (for remote stands); take joint check and claim baggage; go to Transfer Area &  check-in bags; get  boarding pass, walk to T2 or proceed to shuttle pick-up point to T2; go through security check and on to your boarding area.
- Airside Transfers: same as (a) up to 'get boarding pass', then go through security check and to waiting area & take shuttle
    Passengers not needing to check baggage:
- Landside Transfers: After getting off the aircraft, proceed to arriving passenger corridor/shuttle to Arriving Hall (for remote stands); take joint check and claim baggage; go to Transfer Area &  check-in; get  boarding pass, walk to T2 or proceed to shuttle pick-up point to T2; go through security check at T2 and on to your boarding area;
- Airside Transfers: same as (a) up to 'get boarding pass', then go through security check and to waiting area & take shuttle to T2 or walk.

Terminal 1 (T1) of Chengdu Airport with Concourses A, B & C:  Note that while Terminal 1 serves mostly international flights, including Hong Kong, Macau, & Taiwan flights, it also serves Sichuan Airlines' domestic flights. T1 is divided into Domestic and International Wings, and has 3 levels and a mezzanine:
   Level 1 is the Arrivals level for passengers from  Concourses A, B & C (A gates 20-16 (right);  B gates 24-22 (center), C gates 27-25 (left) and from Mezzanine level 1.5 (gates 108-101).  
- Remote Bay Arrivals of domestic flights enter baggage claim area  9 - 5;
- Remote Bay Arrivals of Hong Kong, Macau, & Taiwan flights enter baggage claim area 1 - 6. 
- VIP Service Area C is near gate 25, while on opposite side VIP Service Area A is near gate 16. 
- Amenities & services at level 1 include 
currency exchange, locker rooms, transit passenger lounge, First Aid station, VIP lounge, insurance, tax refund, electric vehicle station, first-class lounges, left luggage, mothers' waiting room, & accessible restrooms.
   Level 2 of T1 is the check-in / Departures level, with baggage check-in, restaurants, lost & found, two Information counters and check-in desks (east to west): 23-01, 35-24, 46-36, 58-47 and 81-59. 
Between check-in 46-36 & 58-47 is passport control and security check Area B for domestic flights
Security check Area A for international flights (with passport, baggage & security checks) is near the Tax Refund 
Security Check Area C is for domestic flights. 
- Concourse A of T1 has gates 20 & 21 on level 1, and gates 101-108 on level 2.  VIP Service Area A is at the entrance of Pier A.
- Concourse B of T1 has gates 22-24 on level 1, and gates 109-117 on level 2.
- Concourse C of T1 has gates 25-27 on level 1, at gates 118-125 on level 2 (with connection near concouse entrance to T2).  VIP Service Area C is at the entrance of Pier C.
Near first-aid station and C gate 125 is a secure connector to Terminal 2.
   Level 3 offers a passenger rest area with restaurant at left and offices at right.  
Terminal 2 of Chengdu Airport with 5 levels and Concourses D, E  F - opened in 2012 and intended for all domestic airlines, except Sichuan Airlines - is twice the size of T1; its gates 129 through 177 are spread over the 3 Concourses and levels 2 & 3. It borders on Airport South First Road, housing at its western end VIP Service Area F with and a long concourse, divided into north & south gates; a concourse in the center, and at its eastern end the Konggang Restaurant, VIP Service Area D, another Concourse, with a connector to to VIP Service Area C and its concourse.
  Airlines serving Terminal 2, listed by by check-in areas, with Airline Code & Name:
- Check-in areas P through U:  CA Air China & Dalian, SC Shandong, TV Tibetan, KY Kunming, ZH Shenzhen, 
- Check-in area M08, M09:  9C Spring Airlines & 8L Lucky Air.
- Check-in areas H thorugh N: houses all other otherlines.
   Level B2 of T2 houses elevators & escalators to the Arrivals level 1, has in the center access to the train station, and to the right and left of it access to parking.
   Level 1 of T2 is the Arrivals level housing baggage claim carousels 18-25 (exit door 5) and 17-10 (exit door 4) at opposite sides, the center of which leads to the check-in area of Domestic Flight Connections. Remote Bay Arrivals enter this level at both east & west ends. On either end of level 1 are VIP Service Areas D (right) and F (left), with transfer to International, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan flights.  Arrivals enplane at Concourses D, E, F & G.  Entry doors lead to VIP Service Area D (east) and to VIP Servce Area F (west).
   Level 2 of T2 is the transfer level and houses D gates 133, 134 & 136 (for passengers without checked bags); E gates 148, 149 & 151(for transfer to domestic flight without checked bag); and F gates 163, 164 & 166.
   Level 3 of T2 is the check-in & departures level with entry doors 12 & 13 leading to check-in rows P - U (left) and Security Check Area FG;  entry door 11 (center), and entry doors 10 & 9 leading to check-in rows H - N with Security Check area DE (right)  - Each check-in row has their own self-check-in kiosks.  A few shops are at each end of level 3, along with other services & amenities.  Security checks F/G lead to Concourse F/G; security check D/E to Concourses E & D.
      Concourse D of T2 has no gates at level 1; on level 2 gates 133-136, on level 3 gates 129-138 (near gate 129 is transfer to T1); between D & E Concourses are gates 139-143.
      Concourse E has gates 32-35 on level 1, gates 148-151 on level 2, and gates 144-153 on level 3; and between E & F concourses are gates 154-158.
      Concourse F/G of T2 divides into Pier F (north) & Pier G (south):
        F Gates:  on Level 1 gates 36-38; on level 2 gates 163, 164,166; on level 3 gates 159-170;
        G Gates: on Level 1 gates 39-42; on Level 2  none; on Level 3 gates 171-177.
   Level 4 of T2 houses the Food Plaza in the center,  other services to the right and First & Business-Class Lounge at post-security at left

Amenities & Services inside the passenger terminals:  the information Hot Line is 0086-28-8520 5555 /5333 or e-mail the General Airport Manager at cdairport.com/front_en/zjlxx.jsp.  The Airport Ticket Center can be reached at 028-852 56360 and the International Counter at 028 852 19779.
Duty-free shops in International Departure Hall can be contacted at 028 852 05565.
Other services and amenities include an Information Center, baggage trolleys, ATM cash machines & banking counters, phone chargers, vending machines, luggage wrapping and storage, lost & found, busines services, medical station, food & drink establishments and a First-Class and a VIP Lounge. 
Over 3,000 tablet computers are available at a low rental fee, but passenger must surrender boarding pass. When boarding time approaches, passengers will be reminded to return computer & claim their boarding pass.
    The ancient-Chinese style 'Airport Restaurant'
(tel. 028-857 02359 or 028 852 05575) located in a three-level separate building, offers elegant dining; the first level dining hall has five private rooms and can accommodate 260 persons for dinner simultaneously. The restaurant offers Cantonese & Sichuan cuisine. Its level 2 includes KTV rooms & bars, and level3 is a traditional tea house, and offers entertainment.
    'Special Passengers' - considered to be either VIPs, the elderly, disabled or children - should complete a 'Special Passenger Service Form' when purchasing a ticket, whereupon a separate counter will get them through boarding procedures. If necessary, a person will be assigned to accompany the special passenger to the plane.
     Airport Lounges: 
- At T1:  The Air China Passenger Service Center is at pre-security. 
- At T2:  (a) The First-Class Lounge serves ANA Busines Class, Diamond & Platinum Service members, and Cuper Flyers Card members of ANA. It also serves Star Alliance Gold members on ANA-operated flights (with one guest on same flight).   (b)The large new Hong  Kong Airlines VIP Lounge is near airline gate 23 on level 1 (Tel. 3151 1888 or visit: hkairlines.com) and includes two VIP business rooms, a business center.

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