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Baggage Claim at Kuopio KUO Airport

Prohibited items: flammable, toxic or corrosive substances such as lighter fluids, fireworks, ski wax removers or more than 70% vol. alcohol, torch cigar lighters and reserve fuel tanks for lighters.
Alcoholic beverages over 21 per cent but less than 70 per cent by volume may be carried in checked baggage with a total net quantity not exceeding 5 litters.
One box of safety matches or one lighter can be carried on board but must be carried in your pocket.
Liquids, gels and aerosols in containers of less than 100 milliliters may be taken on board as hand baggage in a single transparent and resealable bag with a maximum volume of one litter.
Sharp items must be packed in your checked - luggage.
The limited size of one piece of luggage brought on board is 55 x 40 x 20 cm.
Please contact your airline for information about baggage restrictions and fee charged for excess baggage.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Kuopio KUO Airport

Security at Kuopio KUO Airport

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