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Menorca Airport MAH is primarily serving tourists arriving in large numbers via charter flights - summer time is high tourist season.
MAH Airport is located 4.5 km southwest of the Balearic island of Menorca’s capital city Mahon, near the east coast of Spain. It is easily accessible from Mahon by taking roads ME-12 and ME-14, or from Ciutadella by taking roads E-1 and ME-14.

With 3.2 million passengersin 2016, the Airport is served by domestic airlines offering flights to cities throughout Spain, and by charters from European countries, particularly  from the UK, Germany & Italy.

- Non-Schengen & foreign citizens should obtain a luggage trolley after passing through passport control, and look for their flight reference number displayed on the overhead screens at baggage claim carousel, pick up lbaggage, and proceed to the arrivals lobby which houses travel agencies, rental car agencies & tourist information.
- For airport information call  902 404 704 within the country.

The passenger terminal at Menorca Airport has three levels - the ground level P0; first level P1 & second level P2. While passport control at levels P0 & P1, Security is on level 2.Cafes and take-away food are on level 2 and there is a cafe at level 0.  Airline information counters are on level 1 for Air Europa, Iberia,, Ryanair & Vueling.
 -  For departing passengers 42 check-in desks are on P1 - while and security checks and 16 boarding gates are on level P2.
 -  Arriving passengers are channeled to ground level P0, where there are 6 baggage claim carousels. This level houses an ATM cash machine  Buses and taxis are available outside of level PO.
Amenities and services in the passenger terminal: Aside from food & drink and retail concessions, you find in the terminal an information counter, internet access, rental car counters, tour operators, banking services, Lost luggage (Acciona, Air Europa, Iberia & Spanair); a Police station (tel. 971 157 055) ; a Pharmacy (tel. 971 352 614); and Lost & Found (tel. 971 157 108).

Ctra. San Clemente s/n
Mahon / Menorca, SP-07712
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +34 91 321 1000

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