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Current terminal layout & Ongoing work;  Arrival & Departure Procedures;  TERMINAL DETAILS, including Terminals 1 & 2, Checking in;  Boarding; Services & Lounges;  Domestic and  International transfer; and Important Telephone Numbers:

Domodedovo International Airport currently has one 3-level passenger terminal (T1) with  two concourses.
Each of the three levels is divided into an east and west wing with dedicated areas for international and domestic flights, and provides well-marked signs both in Russian & English. 24 airbridges serve the terminal, two of which are for wide-bodied aircraft.
If using Entrance 4 at east
- the check-in counters are to the left - with check-in counters 141-160, 119-140, 95-118, 71-94, 45-46, 47-70, 23-44 & 1-22.  In the center (between check-in counters 71-94 & 47-70 is the Information desk, Secure Bag, and areas B & C - with separate passport and security checks. Escalators lead to the East & West Concourses: The East Concourse serves international flights, while the West Concourse serves domestic flights.
In front of the check-in counters are two information desks and automated check-in kiosks. Near entrance 2 are rental car counters. The secured area has separate baggage claims on opposite sides for international & domestic traffic.  Escalators in the center lead to the departure level - with services and amenities in the center and access to international & domestic Concourse gates. 

  New International Terminal 2 (T2) is to be completed by 2018 and include a baggage handling system capable of handling up to 5,400 bags per hour. (T2' will be linked to T1 - expediting connection times for transfer passengers).
Also, more aircraft parking stands for boarding bridges will be added. 
A new runway was recently opened.

Arrivals & Departure Procedure:
- Arriving passengers
go through passport control, baggage claim & customs (green for declarable goods, red for 'nothing to declare')  - taking an average time between 30-40 minutes.
- Transfer passengers who
(a) checked in to the their final destination need to proceed to the departure lounge indicated on the boarding pass (international or domestic).
 (b) did not check in to their final destination go through passport control, baggage claiml, customs, and check in at their airline counter or self-check-in kiosk, thereafter they need to go through security check before entering the boarding area.
- Departing passengers: 
Checking in at the Airline's website at least 24 hours prior to intended departure is saving time; if checking in at your designated airline counter in the departure hall keep in mind that check-in starts 2-3 hours prior to departure for international flights, and 1-2 hours for domestic flights; check-in is to be done no later than 40 minute prior to scheduled departure.
NOTE: A shopping center is located on level 2 of the terminal; while both international and domestic departure lounges offer cafes, bars & shops.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  (Domodedovo is the Russian base airport for members of both the Star Alliance and Oneworld.)

Terminal 1
with West & East Concourses completed its extension work the most recent one added 20 check-in desks(making it a total of 160).
- The new Atrium (6,000 sq.meter /22meter high) houses the extended border control zone for arriving & departing passengers at different levels.  This are allows for 24 additional passport control channels (from 56 to 80). 
- The Ground Level  is the Arrivals level,  for passengers arriving from (a) east gates 56-33 and (b) gates 22-1, where they go through passport check before entering the Arrivals hall with shower and baggage claim.
- Level 1 is the departures level with entrance doors 4 (east) to 1 (west) and check-in counters  gates 1 - 160. After check-in passengers proceed to either Security check C (for East Gates) or Security check B (for West Gates).
   - the West Concourse with gates 31-46 currently serves domestic flights;
   - the  East Concourse  with gates 1-14 and 19 airbridges serves international flights.
- Level 2 houses food & drink and stores in the center and in in the two concourses.  At  East Concourse is the D security check & passport control; at West  Concourse are the A & F security check & passport controls, with dedicated areas  for First/ Business class, VIP passengers & delegations, with a skywalk connection to the landside hotel. 

Check-in,  Boarding, VIP & Business lounges, and International /Domestic Transfers:
Checking in at Domodedovo: Either check (and get flight tickets) at at the Paveletsky railway station or inside the passenger terminal. In front of the check-in isles are information display screens. You can also check in at the check-in kiosks near the numbered check-in counters, or simply check in on the web if your airlines allows. Families with children under 8 can temporarily drop off their children at the children’s center / mother’s room, while attending to pre-flight formalities. The ticketing desks are in the left & right wings of the terminal.  Aside from information screens and the Information Desk located left of the terminal entrance, or you can also call the automated information system (English & Russian) at +7 495 720 6666.
Using SITA bar code scanners
- if boarding card's flight number and gates correspond with the scanner, the gate will automatically open.
Boarding at Domodedovo:

- International - (a) Sector A, level 1, left wing; (b) Sector B ground level (left of center escalators); and (c) Special Sector for business-class passengers on level 1, left wing.
- Domestic - (a) Sector C, ground level, right wing, or (b) Sector D, level 1, right wing. 
Lounges at Domodedovo Airport: The Domodedovo VIP Lounge (tel. +7495 504 0267 or book at Travel Center, desks 61/62) offers first-class amenities & business services.
    Domestic Lounges:
- The Domestic Departures Business Lounge on level 2, in the domestic departures area, accessible to premium passengers; & to some others at a fee.
- Transaero lounge on level 2 in the domestic departures area, for Transaero business travel class & Privilege status.
- S7 lounge on the mezzanine level, in the domestic departures area, between levels 1 & 2, for S7 business travel class.
- UTG Travel Club on level 2 of the domestic departures area, across from gate 46, accessible through UTair, Volga-AviaExpress, Kogalymavia, Belavia & Saravia business travel class, is also available to other passengers at a fee.
    International Lounges:
- The Domodedovo International Departures Business Lounge on level 2 is accessible to premium passengers, Diners Club & Citibank cardholders, and to others at a fee.
- The new Business Lounge for holders of Priority Pass & Lounge Pass passengers is located at International Departures.
- Austrian Airlines lounge on level 2 accessible by business-class, Miles & More & StarAlliance status.
- British Airways lounge on level 2, accessible through BA business class, Executive Club and Oneworld Alliance status.
- Lufthansa lounge on level 2 is accessible by LH business travel class, Miles & More and StarAlliance status.
- Transaero lounges on the ground level and first level are accessible by Transaero’s priority class, and Transaero Privilege program.
   Domestic & International Transfers:. Follow the 'Transfer /Transit sign to the international transfer area for check-in.
- Domestic to International flight: proceed through domestic arrivals to the main terminal for check-in. After receiving  your boarding pass, proceed to Sector A or B for customs, immigration and security control.
- International to Domestic Flights:  collect your bags and go through immigration control; proceed to the check-in counters for your boarding pass, then follow signs to Sector C or D for security control.
- Bags checked through to the final destination at your Airport of departure will be automatically processed; however, if your bags are checked only to Domodedovo, notify the transfer agent.

Important Telephone numbers:
Information desk - +7 495 933-66-66
Police - +7 495 967-82-78
Medical station (arrival/departure) - +7 495 504-02-49, +7 495 504-02-48
Lost & Found - +7 495 504-02-58 (domestic), +7 495 504-02-85 (international)
Customs - +7 495 276-06-43
Border check point:    +7 495 504-02-33
Imigration control - +7 495 967-84-12 , ext.: 2-85-65
Consular office - +7-916-856-24-71
Veterinary control - +7 495 967-83-96, +7 967 141-18-53
Passengers with reduced mobility - +7 495 797-46-53
Mother /Baby care room - +7 495 967-83-63 (interno: 2-62-37)
Left luggage - +7 495 663-50-25
VIP lounge - +7 495 504-02-67, +7 495 504-02-95

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