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Nis Constantine the Great Airport INI is Serbia's second-largest international airport and serves the Nisava District and the city of Nis.  It also serves as an alternate for the Airports of Belgrade, Podgorica, Tivat, Sofia, Skopje and Ohrid.
The city of Nis is situated at the crossroads of the Balkan and European traffic. The main road, starting north from Belgrade and passing through the Morava Valley, forks near Nis and runs into two directions: south, through the Valley of Vardar towards Thessalonica and Athens, and east through the valley of Nisava and Marica towards Sophia, Istanbul and the Middle East.

With 124,918 passengers in 2016, Nis Airport is located in the village of Medosevac, Nisava District, and 4 km from the city center of Nis, in southern Serbia, accessible va the E80 motorway, connecting to the E75 shortly thereafter.  

Note: If calling from a cellular phone, the dial code for Serbia is 381, for Nis 18; from a pay-phone in Nis, you need no dial code; and from other Serbian places, dial 018 before the listed number.

The passenger terminal at Nis Constantine Airport offers a formal restaurant, open during flight time; a multi-store; an ATM cash machine in the terminal lobby, and in the baggage claim area rental car counters.

Vazduhoplovaca 24
Nis, 18000
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +381 18 4582 828 /fax 18 4583 003

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