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The Ground Transportation Center (GTC) - located south of the terminal - can be reached from levels 1 or 2 of the new Integrated Terminal.
For short-distance buses: go to level 2 of GTC - the bus drive is at east side.
For long-distance buses:  go to level 2 of GTC - take elevator down to level 1's  waiting hall.
Below is a listing of Train, Bus, & Ferry services:

By Train:
On june 28, the METRO connection to Shenzhen Airport opened with 4 stations of Line 11 (14 more are due by year-end).  Each train with 4 cars  offers extra baggage space and padded seats (at premium fare).  Initially, Line 11 runs between the Airport and Futian city center 's Qianhaiwan station - with transfer option by the high-speed main line services.  Line 11 presently has 2 intermediate stations at Houhai & Qianhaiwan - providing transfer otpons to lines 1 & 5. All the current four stations offer check-in facilities for most domestic flights.  Operating hours are between 6:30am-11pm, with service every 10 minutes (to increase to 2.5 minutes later). The  remaining 14 stations are to open year-end 2016, when line 11 will be nearly 60 km long, serve 14 underground and 4 elevates stations, ad each trainset will have a capacity of 2,564 passengers.

By Bus: 
The current bus routes and their 160 daily buses serve Hong Kong, Macau, Huizhou, Zhongshan and Dongguan:
Local Bus M371 to Ciwan Kaifeng Ferry
Local Bus M417 to Airport East Station.
    Major Airport Express Shuttle Buses (located on the west side of the Ground Transport Center) - buses make 3stops in between:
Line 330B to Longgang City Terminal
Line E16 to Guanian bus Station, and
Line E21 to Kenzi Base.
    Minor Airport Express Lines:
Airport Express bus to Hualian Mansion
takes 35 minutes.
line 2 - Luohu railway station
line 3 - Longgang Jiadebao station
line 4 - Longgang Pinhu South
line 5 - Guangming high-speed railway station
line 6 - Damisha station
line 7 - Buji Zhangshubu Community
line 8 - Shenzhen Bay Port
line 9 - Huanggang Port Control Point
line 10-Shekou Ferry SCT Terminal.

By Ferry:
To: Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
To:Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macau
To: Skypier Ferry Terminal at Hong Kong Airport (via  nearby Fuyong Pier). Free shuttle buses connect the Pier and the Airport.
To: Fuyong Pier it is a five-minute bus ride from the Airport termina & offers 8 ferry services to Hong Kong and 16 to Macau.

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