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Antigua V.C. Bird International Airport ANU - also referred to as 'VSBIA' - is situated southeast of Barnes Hill, at Boons Bay & Cedar grove and is located on the island of Antigua, just 5 miles northeast of St. John's, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, part of the Leeward Islands, West Indies.

With a long runway and about 850,000  passengers annually, VCBIA  is hub for Leeward islands Air Transport LIAT and is host to international airlines and charters. Caribbean Aviation offers services to St. Kitts and other Caribbean islands, while LIAT subsidiaries maintain desks at the terminal's arrivals and run services within the Leeward Islands. Direct flights from North America are available via San Juan or St. Martin.  The flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, takes one hour.

The new PassengerTerminal at VC Bird International opened August 2015 with a total space of 23,000 sq.meters. The terminal offers free WiFi service and houses 15 self-check-in & 46 check-in counters, 14 departure gates, 4 jet bridges, 5 baggage carousels, a baggage sorting & scanning system, CCTV security system, food court, cafes, 30 Dufry & other retail outlets, and even a pet 'restroom'.
The new and fully accessible Terminal is expected to become a major hub for Dominica, along with Barbados, St Maarten. 
Lounges in the new terminal include a VVIP lounge, a VIP lounge and an Airport Executive Lounge with outdoor balcony & great views.
While the old terminal handled an average of 860,000 passengers a year, passenger count in the coming years is expected to rise considerably and the new terminal will easily handle the increase.
Shops:  A nice selection
Food & Drink: 'Big Banana (also frequented by locals) with Satellite TV and free WiFi - tel. (268) 480-6979 or visit; e-mail [email protected]  Bargain Center Cafe: tel. 268-481-5115;  Clarkies 268-460-1747; Zodiac Bar 268-461-1198.

St. Johns , Ant
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (268) 484-2300 /fx 2340

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