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Security at Watertown ART Airport

 ARRIVE EARLY AT WATERTOWN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Plan to arrive an hour before your scheduled flight. While ART airport offers relatively hassle-free parking and boarding, flights usually board several minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Check TSA regulations (see below) for a list of banned items from checked bags or carry-ons. DO keep your prescription drugs, jewelry and other valuables with you. If you store toiletries and other small items inside plastic bags, it will help prevent spillage, breakage or loss in case your bag is searched. Keep film in carry-on bags. Remove laptops from their cases. Remove any metal from your pockets and place in your carry-on to avoid being detained and holding up the line.

Summer travelers, please clean your sporting equipment (like golf clubs), before traveling, as residue can set off detectors.

FOR SECURITY REGULATIONS, see http://www.tsa.gov or http://www.ifly.com/airlines-security

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