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ALB : Handicap Parking Mar 07, '20 Comments: 2

Albany Airport Parking

How sad it is that Albany now decided the hell with Handicap people we need the money more than we need them. This is a disgrace that money is more important than helping out the handicap.
They always gave a discount for long term parking that was close so you didn't have to walk too far but NO MORE.FULL price what a sad thing for Albany. Welcome to New York's State Capital.
you think they would give you half price at least ..wish I had a choice to fly out of somewhere else nearby, I would, no advantage to go here anymore... Shuttle service.. great .. Newark has just as cheap rates and the flights would be cheaper. very sad and discussed

ALB : Handicap parking Feb 29, '20 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

ALB use to have special rates for handicap long term parking. now they have changed their rates and basically done away with the big discounts. So, what are the new rates and where do I have to park to receive them... . thank you

ALB : Shuttle service Feb 18, '20 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

Where do you meet the shuttle?

ALB : new garage Dec 10, '19 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

when is it coming?

ALB : new lot open Dec 10, '19 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

when is new lot open

ALB : new airport Nov 11, '19 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

when does the new parking garage open?

ALB : how long Oct 16, '18 Comments: 1

Albany Airport Parking

how long of a ride from the economy lot to the airport
about 5 minutes

ALB : Handicap Parking Inside Aug 10, '18 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Gate Connections

How much per day is Handicap Parking inside at Albany International

ALB : What are the parking rates in Albany airport Jun 26, '18 Comments: 0

Albany Airport Parking

Parking rates at Albany

ALB : Curbside Check in Oct 08, '17 Comments: 0

Albany Airport General Topics

Does Southwest have curbside check in?