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I travel a lot for work , this by far is the worst airport, employees seem miserable, TSA super short staff and passengers treated like cattle
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If you want FRESH food made daily, this is the place. I think BNC had the original Green Chile Chicken Stew. Great staff, great food. I always stop here flying in and out and highly recommend them!
Bought a $10+ dollar breakfast burrito ( roll-up) only to find it was still lukewarm on outside ams cold on the inside. Their $2 coffee was nothing special either. Not impressed at all.
For the first time in my life I left no tip. After being served poor quality food and a glass of iced tea I waited over an hour and was not asked or offered anything else, even a simple refill on my tea. I had to get up and go ask for a check. The male server was the absolute worst ever.
You did the right thing, when we entered a hotel or restaurant ,we expect a good service from them..and if they are not able to give their best to their customer then we should not left any tip for them.
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Worst Mexican slash tex mexican I have ever had. Certainly wonderful atmosphere which drew us in. Great for a beer. But even the salsa is horrible. Every sauce they served us was absolutely from a can. YUCK. Complete waste of money and calories.
You must be from out of town first to call it Mexican/Tex Mex you don't know what you are talking about. Los Quates is New Mexican style food and the sauces you you had are probably something you have never experienced expecting a salsa or Pico. Los Quates is a nice place to have a good New Mexico style dinner.
is it possible to call a store for this item and have it shipped to me? I live in Carrizozo, NM. Can you tell me what store has this??
i am looking for a jacket someone bought
at an airport store