Alta Airport ( ALF ) Baggage and Security

Baggage Claim at Alta ALF Airport

Explosives, flammable and chemical substances are prohibited in checked baggage.
There are items which cannot be brought in your hand luggage, but must be packed in the checked baggage.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Alta ALF Airport

Security at Alta ALF Airport

In order to pass through the security check quickly and easily, we request that you follow these guidelines: Place all metal object (e.g. keys, coins, mobile phones, etc.) in your hand luggage or jacket for X-raying. Take of your jacket or coat before entering the security checkpoint. Jackets and coats are X-rayed separately. Remove bags with liquid containers, larger electronic items such as laptops, cameras, handheld games, etc. from your hand luggage. Place them in the plastic containers available at the entrance to the security checkpoint and send them separately through the X-ray machine. Shoes with metal components must be sent through the X-ray machine. If you believe your shoes may set off the metal detector or have previously experienced that they have done so, save some time by placing them on the belt before walking through the metal detector. Keep your distance from the person ahead of you when walking through the metal detector. If the person in front of you is taken aside for a closer examination, wait until the security staff give you the go-ahead. If you have items that set off the metal detector, the security staff will instruct you what to do. It is usually possible to be searched in a separate room. Manual random checks of passengers and hand luggage take place even if these have not set off the metal detector or X-ray machine. You can find more information about what you may bring with you onto the aircraft on our baggage pages.

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