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I lost my New Nintendo 3DS on a virgin Atlantic plane on 07/31/19 and I really miss it!
I lost my small Bag at the airport on 15/10/2020.
it was one small bag ( Eastpak- Springer Modell)gray collor inside was one black Wallet SECRID, with all of my Cards like ID, Bank cards......How can I find it?
I lost my Apple Watch at the airport on 02/03/2020. How can I find it?
but I still haven't received it but my payment of 37€ per credit card..
claude dominois bâtiment K3 Chemin de Tresques à Cavillargues(30 330) France
can I reserve assistance for a passenger of the flight 6876 arriving from Heraklion at Schiphol airport 1-5-2018. Need to be transported ,due to the fact she "walks " with crunches, from the aircraft till the bagage claim.
Best regards T. Cestac
I arrive in Schiphol next Monday 2nd April on Delta from Atlanta and need to know which terminal we arrive in as being picked up
Hello,I have fly from FCO to Amsterdam by KLM(KL1604),arrive Ams 19.50 than 20.50 from ams to tpe by KLM(KL0807),can you help and teach me how to run ,so i can got the fight..thank you very much
What terminal do we arrive at coming from Calgary, Canada and how long will it take to walk to terminal for Connecting flight going to Venice Italy
I am so confused. We will be on a US flight from DTW (Delta) traveling to EDI as a final destination, ticketed on Delta/KLM. Checked bags will go through to EDI as per normal? We must go through additional screening and passport presentation prior to going to our departure gate?
We are searching for the best exchange rate, for U.S. dollars to euros, for an upcoming trip to Europe. Can you tell me the current rate so I can compare to a U.S. bank?
Thank you!