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AMS : trousseau of keys found and registered it under 457031...on 18/01 Feb 08, '19 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Traveler Help

but I still haven't received it but my payment of 37€ per credit card..
claude dominois bâtiment K3 Chemin de Tresques à Cavillargues(30 330) France

AMS : Time between gates Feb 07, '19 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

There will be 4 of us arriving (2 are in their 80;s and not in good health. He arrive of flight KL 662 from IAH 7:50 am on the 13th of March and depart on flight KL 1845 at 9:45 am to Vienna. Is there a way to get one of the carts to take us between gates, We tried to walk between gates last year and almost missed our flight. This is also on the return flight on the 30th of march

AMS : amsterdam transfer Dec 10, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

travelling bhx to ams to ath on 17th. how long between arrival and departure at ams?

AMS : Car service Dec 04, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Ground Transport

Has anyone else had a great experience with the fabulous guys at BTS | Business Travel Solutions?

AMS : Customs and connecting flight. Nov 14, '18 Comments: 1

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

Will I have time to clear customs when I arrive from Canada and make my connecting flight to Rome in 45 minutes?
That is doubtful, as you need to clear customs in AMS

AMS : Concern about transfer time Oct 30, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

Hello I am travelling on a klm flight norwich to Amsterdam 6.15 am landing 8.15am with hand luggage only. I’m travelling onward to Newark on a United Airline flight but am concerned about the connection. I’m hoping I can check in online ( is this possible for flight to US?) and go straight to gate. Will I be ok with transfer times??

AMS : Travel between E concourse and B concourse time required. Sep 24, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Traveler Help

I am a US citizen that will be arriving at 5:55am on Wednesday morning on a Delta flight arriving in AMS in E concourse. I will then be traveling to VIE out of B concourse at 07:00AM via Austrian Airlines. Is that enough time to go thru Customs and Immigration and make it to the B in time to board my flight to VIE?

AMS : Transfer Sep 15, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

I am travelling from Paramaribo to Delhi on 17th. I have a ticket from Paramaribo to Amsterdam of Surinaam Airways.My connecting flight to New Delhi is via Scanadavian Airlines on separate ticket same day. I have only hand luggage. Both Airlines do not have code sharing. How I am going to get Boarding Pass at transfer desk. On which terminal transfer desk of Scanadavian Airlines is situated. More so I hold Diplomatic Passport so do not require Airport Transit Visa at Amesterdam Can some boys guide me to help catch connecting flight

AMS : Connecting in AMS for DTW to DUB Sep 13, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gate Connections

We arrive AMS at 10:25am on Delta from Detroit (DTW), depart to Dublin (DUB) at 11:55am on Delta flight operated by KLM. Both flights are on the same ticket. Do we need to retrieve luggage or will Delta check it all the way through? Will we have to go through customs or security, and if so, do we have enough time? (Similar situation on our return flight (1 hr. 45 minutes in AMS).

Thank You.

AMS : location of ATM's in main terminal Aug 30, '18 Comments: 0

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport General Topics

I have a 5 hour layover at AMS after leaving Atlanta. I want to wait to get Euro's upon arrival in europe. Is it hard to find an ATM machine in the main terminal?